GREER FAMILY FEST From February 2012


Tippin's concert will provide maximum viewing
FEB 16, 2012

Spectators at the Greer Family Fest will be afforded a more advantageous view with the stage placed at the circular drive at the entrance of City Hall.

The stage Aaron Tippin will perform on at the 2012 Village Hospital Greer Family Fest will be located at the picturesque circular drive entrance to City Hall.

"This location affords more people to see Aaron Tippin perform and we're anticipating the biggest crowd ever to attend the festival," Mark Owens, Greer Chamber of Commerce Events Coordinator, said.

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Rutland is turning her full attention to family
FEB 8, 2012

Angela Rutland is leaving the Greer Economic Development Corporation to spend more time with her family. Elliott, 5, enjoyed the company of her mom Monday when her daycare closed early due to repairs.

Elliott Rutland was meticulously drawing a two-story structure she described as her home. She drew the windows and penciled in the doorknob.  It was left to the imagination if it was Elliott’s symbolism recognizing her mother, Angela, was within days of becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Angela Rutland, the Commercial Development Director for the Greer Development Corporation (GDC), has decided to become a stay-at-home mom for Elliott, 5, and Emma, 8. A life event convinced Rutland and her husband, Vernon, she was making the right decision for her family.

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