Greer High Alumni Reunion


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Honey and the Hot Rods is a rockabilly band based in South Carolina. The foundation of this band is composed of old-school rock with hints of hillbilly, belonging to the genre of early blues-infused rock of the 50's. Pin up sultry singer Katie Rockwell, nicknamed "Honey," brings a raw, gritty, and sexy flare to the front of the stage. Backing her up are three greased up and slicked down musicians that pump old school 50's tunes that will have you up and dancing all night long! With licks that will make your head spin is lead guitar player Larry Hoskinson Rockwell who goes by "LA". Charismatic and bass boppin' player Jeffry White sports the name "Rev." With an arsenal of rolls, stops, shots, train beats and spooky tom fills, the drum beats are laid down by Freddie Wooten, also known as "Lucky." 

Honey and the Hot Rods brings a show of subculture that hastens back the fashions, attitude, and music of the 1950's! 

Lead Singer/Guitar - Katie Rockwell - "Honey"
Lead Guitar/Vocals - Larry Rockwell - "LA"
Bass/Vocals - Jeffry White - "Rev" 
Drums/Vocals - Freddie Wooten - "Lucky"

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