In-store bakery sales climbing

Published on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sales at in-store supermarket bakeries climbed through the first half of 2011, fueled by trends like smaller portion sizes, innovative donuts and pies and bake-off production, according to "What's in Store 2012," an annual trends publication from the Madison, Wis.-based International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association.

Mini-portion sizes of about two to four bites are a hot trend, as they retail at lower price points and typically carry less of a caloric impact compared to their full-size counterparts. Mini pies, cupcakes and cake pops are examples.

Shoppers also want a wider array of sweet desserts, including intriguing gourmet donuts, crème puffs and sweet crepes. Donuts span the flavor spectrum, from novel to sophisticated. Wacky donuts, such as those topped with nostalgic treats such as Fruit Loops and Rice Krispie treats, are the kiddie counterpart to more sophisticated donuts, like those filled with fresh fruit preserves or gourmet chocolate.


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