Jamie Jordan turns a baseball into a one-of-a-kind business

By Garrett Mitchell, Staff Reporter
Published on Wednesday, August 24, 2016

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Jamie Jordan turns a baseball into a one-of-a-kind business

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Jamie Jordan turns a baseball into a one-of-a-kind business

Three years ago Jamie Jordan was looking for a way to make extra money without sacrificing time spent with her two children.

That's when, as she puts it, God showed her a baseball.

 "It seemed impossible, then God showed me a baseball," said Jordan. "I made a baseball bracelet to show support for my son at his games. It was made out of a real baseball and it was so cool! That one baseball bracelet turned into 900 bracelets. Social media played a huge part in making it a hit. One post turned into lots of likes and then as I started making them my customers started sharing them with friends. That was when JJD was born and a prayer was answered."

Jamie Jordan Designs is located in Lyman and has a small showroom display that shows everything Jamie offers including etched and engraved jewelry pieces and monogrammed clothing items. 

JJD has been successful since opening its doors three years ago but the business isn't without challenges, said Jordan.
"My husband and I do all of the work ourselves," Jordan said. "So I'm the workhorse and the salesman. I run all Internet stores myself as well as the advertising. I really enjoy the one-on-one with my customers, so having to do it all and knowing it's done right is worth the hard work."

Jamie also takes pride in personalized service. She answers all phone calls and emails herself and enjoys serving her small town customers.

"I think part of the reason JJD has been successful is my customers know they can contact me personally, I will respond quickly, and I’m going to go above and beyond to provide them what they need," she said.

The customers, she said, is the most rewarding part of owning her own business.

"Man, they make bad days better, they make the work worth it, and the friendships I've had along the way, irreplaceable," said Jordan.

JJD customers can expect a wide variety of services. Jamie's designs are not just limited to jewelry. She can make a custom item out of most anything.

"Gosh, we do it all now," Jordan said. "We stamp jewelry, we apply vinyl to some pieces and then use our'magic' gel to clear coat them for protection.

"We offer etching to glass, stainless steel, ammo boxes and jewelry. Recently we added a children's clothing line. Starting out we are offering an outfit a month, super cute boutique clothing with embroidery. Lastly, we just bought a jewelry engraver and this piece excites me to no end. I have thoroughly enjoyed buying sterling pieces and engraving them for my customers."

Even with her workload and staying busy, Jamie eagerly awaits what the future holds for JJD.

"I look forward to finding more treasures to etch, engrave, and monogram," said Jordan. "We have recently launched a website and my hope is that more traffic from around the globe will make their way to JJD. I’m just going to 'pray' it forward and enjoy the ride."

Jamie Jordan can be contacted at her website: https://www.jamiejordandesigns.com/
JJD is located at 230 Sloan Road in Lyman where she has a small display showroom
Phone: 864-444-4457
Price range: $$
Typically replies within an hour
She is the mom of 2 boys, Charlie and Tucker and wife of 17 years t0 husband Matt


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