'Miss Pat', long-time beloved Wood Mortuary employee, dies

Published on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

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Patsy Golden Mullins, “Miss Pat” beloved long-time Wood Mortuary employee dies

Patsy Golden Mullins, “Miss Pat” beloved long-time Wood Mortuary employee dies


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The Wood Mortuary has an especially heavy heart this week.

Patsy Golden Mullins, “Miss Pat” to all Wood Mortuary employees and the many families, their friends and associates for the past 50 years, died Monday. She was 84. 

“It’s very sad because she was one of us,” said Greg Jones, manager of the mortuary.

Jones arrived at the mortuary when “Miss Pat” had already been there nine years. “There were some of us working here when we were in high school,” Jones said. “She was a caring, smiling and uplifting person. Pat was like a mother figure to us.”

Jones said “Miss Pat” “watched all our backs and made sure things were running smoothly behind the scenes.”

Jones said her reach into the community was more than any person working at the mortuary. “She wrote obituaries and when she knew or suspected something was wrong she had it corrected,” Jones said.

“Miss Pat” reached her 50th anniversary in January. She was in failing health and Jones told her to enjoy time away from the mortuary and come to the office, as she desired – if at all. “She still came in to help with administrative duties because said she ‘loved coming here,’” Jones said.

Funeral services are Thursday. Employees of The Wood Mortuary will be among the honorary escorts.

“When something like this happens we all want to pitch in and help,” Jones said. “We want to give her a good celebration, and she would expect that,” Jones said with a laugh.



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