Owners rebranding Rhythms On Trade as a music cafe

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Saturday, January 16, 2016

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Curtis Hanvey is rebranding Rhythms On Trade, as a music cafe and recording studio.

Jim Fair

Curtis Hanvey is rebranding Rhythms On Trade, as a music cafe and recording studio.


Owners are rebranding a downtown bar into a more Trade Street-friendly environment 

Rhythms On Trade is being rebranded into a music café and live recording studio. Curtis Hanvey who purchased Rhythms and Brews has decided to change the name and feature a variety of music every day except Sunday.

The business is open now with the grand re-branding scheduled Friday.

Hanvey said Rhythms will be a cross between the Brown Street Jazz Club and Smiley’s Acoustic Café of Greenville. It is a more themed musical venue.

“I love Trade Street and we want to blend in our business with the merchants on the street,” Hanvey said.

Hanvey described Rhythms On Trade as a music café and recording studio. The music will be featured every evening except Sunday. “We don’t’ plan on serving alcohol on Sundays and eventually invite teen bands to use the place,” Hanvey said.

The venue will be open Tuesday through Friday 4 p.m. to midnight and on Saturday until 1 a.m.

The Studebaker stage is being rebuilt. It is named after the exposed wall that reads Studebaker Farm Instruments and Wagons.

Hanvey routinely records bands to archive and document their performances. The top of the bar will feature covers of bands under the glass.

The décor will feature musical instruments hanging from the ceiling,

Local and regional artists will be invited to play at Rhythms On Trade, according to Hanvey. A tentative Thursday lineup, according to Hanvey, will feature a variety show on the first Thursday, the West String Band on the second, rhythms and blue band the third and Alex Hunnicutt on the fourth.

Max Hightower will feature a Rock ‘n Roll show on Tuesday.

Hanvey said a more contemporary menu will be featured with hummus and other “good food” added to the staple chicken wings.




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