Paralegal seminar series begins Thursday

Published on Monday, November 26, 2012

An upcoming seminar series in the Spartanburg Methodist College Paralegal Certificate Program will analyze different methods for accessing and recording evidence gathered by social media networks.

Spartanburg County’s 7th Judicial Circuit Solicitor Barry Barnette will be the featured presenter for the first seminar, which will evaluate pitfalls, including new legislation of social media policies and legality, as well as privacy and ethical issues. The seminar will offer practical tips for establishing that an investigation is lawful and responsible and yields credible evidence.

The first seminar is Thursday at 5:30 p.m. on the SMC campus. The following seminars will take place on Dec. 6 and Dec. 13, also at 5:30 p.m. The cost for the series is $125.

This seminar will cover:

• What are the relevant social networks, and what can be found in them?

• Diverse examples where social media evidence has been relevant in legal cases and other investigations.

• What risks does an investigator face when probing social media?

• Ethical limits on the scope and methods of investigation.

• Techniques for managing risk and staying within the law and ethics.

• How to get access to evidence that is not readily available.

• Assessment of different techniques for preserving and authenticating evidence from social networks.

• How to prepare an investigative report that will be acceptable and believable, in court, two or three years later.

• General principles to make you more intuitive about what is allowed and not allowed in this emerging field of e-discovery.

• Call Yvonne Harper at 864-266-7409 or [email protected] to register or for information.


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