PDQ opens first upstate restaurant on Pelham Road

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Saturday, September 13, 2014

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People Dedicated to Quality (PDQ) opens its first upstate restaurant Sunday on Pelham Road.

Jim Fair

People Dedicated to Quality (PDQ) opens its first upstate restaurant Sunday on Pelham Road.


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Saturday was the

Jim Fair

Saturday was the "dress rehearsal" for PDQ. The fast casual restaurant features chicken tenders, sandwiches and sides.


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PDQ, a fast casual restaurant opening Sunday on Pelham Road, proudly states, “It’s all about the P.”

“It’s our people and it all starts with the P,” said Jeff Kamis, CMO of People Dedicated to Quality restaurant. “If you start with the P, you will be successful.”

Saturday was the final “dress rehearsal” for PDQ’s nearly 60 employees and company execs before opening its second restaurant in South Carolina. Restaurants are also located in North Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Texas.

“We’re here (Pelham Road) because of the common theme of this being a great community and business environment,” Kamis said. PDQ is adjacent to CertusBank, which opened its Pelham branch two weeks ago.

PDQ, at 3906 Pelham Road, has an open kitchen. The seating for about 160 includes a sunroom. TVs are strategically placed for 360 viewing. Hours are 10:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily and catering is offered.

The dining room is open, the architecture (big building) has a purpose and we like the nostalgia-like look, Kamis said.

Kevin Lyall is the Operating Director.

Kamis said PDQ’s concept is fresh food and customer service. “Our chicken comes in fresh, never frozen,” Kamis said. “We make all of sauces on site. Our fries are cut daily and salads prepared as requested.”

The menu has a purpose. “The single focus is that everything we do is great. The nice thing about the menu is that customers can add this, make that . . .” Kamis said. “Everything we cook has a hold time and salads, sauces and all our food have a shelf life.”

The chicken tenders are hand battered and sandwiches are made-to-order. Grilled and crispy turkey sandwiches are offered. Potatoes are cut daily and tested for excessive moisture. Milkshakes have separate mixers to prevent cross contamination of peanuts.

Signature sides include blueberry coleslaw and Granny Smith apple slices with toffee dip.

There’s a drive-thru but no squawk boxes – team members handle outside orders and dual order lines facilitate peak hours.

Kamis is as pleased to describe what PDQ doesn’t have than what it does. “We don’t have a microwave and we don’t have a freezer."

A hand washing station with foot pedals is in a corner across from two 100-flavor freestyle Coca-Cola fountains. Cheerwine is served recognizing the concept's roots in "Tenders", a Cornelius, N.C., restaurant. PDQ is headquartered in Tampa, Fla.

Brian Williams, PDQ Assistant Operations Partner, said the restaurant will be connected to communities, local charities, churches and schools. Pitt Hopkins Research volunteers were at PDQ Friday as it was preparing for Saturday night’s Eastside High School fundraising music festival in Greer.




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