Proclamation for $500,000 Block Grant funds on council's agenda

6 organizations ask for a piece of $39,000 public services/special projects

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Sunday, March 23, 2014

Greer will receive $534,774 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds that will headline the City Council agenda Tuesday night.

City Council will vote on a proclamation for the allocation and distribution of the funds that aid a wide range of community development needs. Council meets on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. The public is invited and Tuesday's agenda is here.

“Anything related to the GCRA (Greenville County Redevelopment Authority), the money has to qualify for use in low to moderate qualified areas,” Greer Mayor Rick Danner said. Greer is a participant in the Greenville County CDBG and HOME Investment Partnerships funded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

The largest amount of the monies, $305,120, goes toward infrastructure improvements and public works. Danner said that typically goes toward curb, gutters and storm water retention, for an example.

Martin Livingston, executive director for the GCRA, appeared at council’s March 4 meeting to present a guide of possible projects. The monies become available on July 1.

“Martin is good to say when projects do not qualify,” Danner said. “He comes in here and suggests projects and the percentages.”

Livingston suggested building more homes for elderly and families with modest income at the mostly new Creekside community and said park planning should be considered in the Needmore community. They are examples where the $100,654 home funds would likely be distributed.

Six organizations applied for $39,000 for public services/special projects. The request and recommendation is below. City Council can accept, reject or modify any or all of the requests.

• City of Greer Parks and Recreation - Needmore Summer Camp

The application request was for $22,462.08 in operational costs, specifically for part-time counselors of the Needmore Community Summer Program, supplies, and activities.

Recommendation: $8,000 for operational costs of the program, supplies, and activities.

• City of Greer Parks and Recreation – Cannon Senior Center Program

This new application is for $5,300 to provide piano lessons to seniors in the Cannon Senior Center.

Recommendation: Staff recommended not to fund this activity since it primarily included piano lessons and took into consideration the increase in other community needs.

• Creative Advancement Centers

The application is for $10,000 to operate an afterschool program. The request is for personnel and operational cost.

Recommendation: $8,000 for personnel and operational cost.

• Greer Community Ministries, Inc.

The application submission is for $30,000 toward the purchase of food for Greer Community Ministries' mobile meals, senior dining, and food pantry programs.

Recommendation: $15,000 toward purchase of food for mobile meals, senior dining, and food.

• Greer Relief and Resources Agency, Inc.

The application is for $22,000 for client financial assistance towards mortgage/rent payments and client utilities.

Recommendation: $7,000 for client mortgage/rent payments and client utilities.

• Brushy Creek First Assembly of God - Helping Hands Ministry

This application is for $2,000 for a Care Fair Gifts in kind and Food Program.

Recommendation: Staff recommends funding 1,000 for gifts in kind and food program. 


CDBG Funds

Home Funds

County Allocation



Program Income






 CDBG Distribution/Activities



Infrastructure improvements, public works


Eligible owner-occupied housing rehabilitation


Emergency home repairs


Public services/special projects


Expenses associated with demolition of slums and blighted property






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