How To Eat Burgers In Greer For A Whole Week
JUN 29, 2015

This plate from Greer Station Diner is $5

All right, people. You know I love hamburgers. Like, so, so much. The burger is the apex of American civilization. I follow six Brazilian hamburger makers on Instagram, because I love to see how the red-white-and-blue has blessed the world; not with the roll of stirring drums, but with deeds of hamburger the American kingdom comes.

The kingdom of hamburger is alive and well in the town of Greer, South Carolina, the place where I reside. I live only a few blocks from Trade Street, where downtown Greer's 2.5 blocks are stretched out. Every week I carve out time to do some work downtown, hanging out at Stomping Grounds Coffee Shop or Cameroon Cigars. When I break for lunch I have several options within eyesight of my chosen office of the day, and most of them serve burgers worth mentioning.

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GGEF Gala raises $42,235 for education
NOV 26, 2013

The Greater Greer Education Foundation raised $42,235 at its Education Gala held Oct. 26 at the Cannon Centre.

The Gala is the Foundation’s only fundraising event.

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'A Taste of Greer Station' cookbook is on sale
FEB 1, 2012

The Greer Station Association’s first edition cookbook “A Taste of Greer Station” is on sale.  From unique appetizers to succulent main courses to decadent desserts, the cookbook features over 90 recipes from Greer Station contributors. 

The cookbook includes BIN112’s unique 5 cheese pimento cheese, Rivera’s okra perlau and Wild Ace’s baked spinach and red pepper frittata.

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