Wade Hampton canopy lighting project approved by CPW commissioners, monies in 2016-2017 city budget

Published on Monday, January 30, 2017

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The $2.12 million LED lighting project along both sides of Wade Hampton Boulevard, from Gap Creek Road to Target shopping center, is scheduled to begin in February.

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The $2.12 million LED lighting project along both sides of Wade Hampton Boulevard, from Gap Creek Road to Target shopping center, is scheduled to begin in February.


The Highway 29 canopy lighting project is scheduled to begin in February, Greer Commission of Public Works commissioners reported Monday.

The estimated cost is $2.12 million approved unanimously by commissioners Perry Williams, Eugene Gibson and Jeffrey Howell. CPW will provide documentation for pay requests and the City of Greer will reimbursement expenses. City Council has planned for the project the past three years and approved the expense in the 2016-2017 budget.

The project is from the city’s gateways east and west from Gap Creek Road to Target shopping center.

Summary of costs:

• Labor, $958,232

• Material, $1,103,359.03

• Engineering, $58,471.25

City Council's 2016-2017 budget designated funds to pay Greer CPW to install the lights and additional poles.

The lights, with nine bulbs each, deliver a wider area of illumination and represent a more aesthetic view. The white lights have more distance and does a better job with each pattern, according to city and CPW officials.

The engineering has been done, according to commissioners. Test sites on Wade Hampton Boulevard from Pine Street to Morrow Street have been in place since July 2014.

• CPW commissioners also awarded a $550,902 bid from Gar-Con, Inc. of Pickens for approximately 7,100 linear feet of 6-inch and 12-inch water main extensions within the 760-acre Velocity Park. Commissioners voted 3-0 for the low bid by the pre-approved contractor. Alliance Consulting Engineers, Inc., reviewed the bids and prepared the Certified Bid Tabulation, Bid Comparison Sheet and Bid Opening Proceedings. 

• $550,902 – Gar-Con, Inc. 

• $655,815- Dillard Excavating Company

• $684,792.50 – Moorhead Construction

• Capital expenditures (equipment, systems expansion and capital improvement system upgrades and replacements) fell $692,529 under the budgeted $12.877 million projected by CPW Chief Financial Officer Chuck Reynolds. “Well done,” Williams told Reynolds. “That’s another great year and I am always amazed how close you come twelve months later.”

• Safety incidents fell 67 percent in fiscal year 2016 with only two reported compared to six in 2015.

• Employees have held steady with 132 reported in 2016 compared to 129 in fiscal year 2015.

• Standard & Poors Global Ratings (S&P) last month affirmed the Greer Commission of Public Works’ (CPW) rating of A+, with a stable outlook, according to the public utilities company. The underlying rating is based on $49.3 million of outstanding bonds issued since 2002. The net revenues of the combined utility consisting of gas, electric, water and wastewater utilities secure CPW’s bonds.



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