Wingspan approved by GSP to market terminal project

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Monday, July 16, 2012

Wingspan is the brand Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in Greer will launch to educate its customers and the public on its $115 million Terminal Improvement Program (TIP).

The GSP Board of Commissioners viewed a presentation in GreerToday of the portal by Rosylin Weston, Director of Communications. Weston said the logo and photos will be made available Wednesday during a media gathering to promote the portal. It is scheduled to be launched later this week.

Weston emphasized the GSP in Wingspan will become part of the brand. Marketing firms Crawford Strategy of Greenville and Launch Something of Spartanburg partnered on the content and design, respectively.

The commissioners suggested Wingspan’s logo be on GSP’s home page and linked.

The portal will have five categories across the top – Program, Development, Impact, Sustainability and History. The TIP program will be described and its development in various stages including current, and the impact to the upstate and travelers. Sustainability, Weston said, will emphasize the use of small resources and small solutions used by GSP in the project. “The web portal will show how the construction project is impacted every day,” Weston said. “The viewer can determine what is going on today and what’s next in the community and upstate.”

Renderings on the right side will steer visitors to the different phrases. When the construction is finished a photo will replace the rendering. Weston said the portal is projected to educate the public for the next four years.

Dave Edwards and the board  enthusiastically approved the portal and Weston’s presentation. “I am extremely pleased with Rosylin and the work that has been done with the portal,” said Edwards, President and CEO, of GSP.

Weston said the TIP will be documented by photographs and cameras located around GSP. “We will eventually see a time-lapse video,” Weston said.

Wednesday’s presentation to the media will be GSP’s official launch of Wingspan to the public and its marketing strategy. We will give an overview and timeline to introduce the brand, website and blog and get people talking about Wingspan,” Weston said.

A blog will be updated each Wednesday or Friday, Weston said. The blog is written from the "terminal’s" perspective and will not bear an administrative signatue. Three blogs have been “quietly” posted since June 20, Weston said. They are under the news and media heading.


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