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Expect a winter wonderland knocking at your door Thursday morning
FEB 25, 2015

The Thornblade Club in Greer, home course of the BMW Pro-Am, is always picturesque. A heavy snow forecast overnight should lend to more postcard-type photos.

A significant winter storm will affect the region this evening and tonight.

A low pressure system over the Northwest Gulf of Mexico this evening, and then track quickly northeastward along the Carolina coast tonight. At the same time, colder air is expected to move down from the north. Precipitation will begin as rain in some areas outside the mountains, but is expected to change over to snow as the Intensity increases and the temperature cools into the evening hours. The snow is likely to become heavy at times during the evening hours as the low pressure system makes its closest pass by the area.

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Police provide online data for drivers to steer clear of collision hotspots
FEB 18, 2015

Sgt. Randle Ballenger, left, said data is available online to the public to help drivers maneuver around dangerous roads and intersections. Officer Clay Anderson assisted in the presentation.

Drivers in Greer now have an online tool available to strategize their travels around dangerous areas and the most likely time collisions occur.

“I can tell you that Hwy. 29 towards Taylors, South Buncombe and Brushy Creek, Suber (Road) and Brushy (Creek Road)) and Suber Road and Hwy. 29 are where the collisions are occurring,” Sgt. Randle Ballenger said. “If you travel through the city of Greer or live in the city of Greer, why not take the opportunity to learn where some of these collisions are. Our goal is to reduce the number of injuries and collisions.”

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Big ice event closes schools Tuesday, put hospitals and utilities on alert
FEB 16, 2015

Here's why Greenville and Spartanburg counties schools are closed Tuesday.

Greenville and Spartanburg counties are forecast to be the hardest hit areas for ice accumulation, according to revised weather forecasts.

Sleet, freezing rain and snow have fallen throughout the evening with most of the roads turned white and have become extremely treacherous. The Upstate will see icing for the longest time throughout the night with more than ½ - inch of ice.

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Analysis: Demolish Allen Bennett, nursing home and start over
FEB 11, 2015

Demolishing Allen Bennett Hospital and the Roger Huntington Nursing Home is the best value for the city of Greer, according to a marketing analysis.

The best value to the City of Greer for the vacant Allen Bennett Hospital site is to completely demolish the buildings on the property, including the Roger Huntington Nursing Home, according to a market analysis.

“It would appear the greatest opportunity for the property lies in full demolition although there are some positives for partial demolition,” Reno Deaton, Executive Director for the Greer Development Corporation, said. Deaton and City Administrator Ed Driggers presented the analysis to council Tuesday for informational purposes.

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City commits $1 million to Partnership For Tomorrow, economic development
FEB 6, 2015

The City of Greer committed $1 million to the Partnership For Tomorrow for its 5-year master plan and economic development. Left to right: Larry Wilson, Mark Owens, Reno Deaton, Rick Danner and Ed Driggers.

The City of Greer has committed $1 million to the Partnership For Tomorrow for its 5-year master plan and economic development.

Mayor Rick Danner and City Administrator Ed Driggers made the historic and surprising announcement at a packed Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce First Friday Luncheon at the City Hall events venue. Danner’s address on the value of collaboration and why partnerships work set up the huge economic announcement.

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