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Greer Idol Teens Watts, McCleer perform songs they wrote
JUN 30, 2012

Megan Watts delighted the spectators to a song she wrote and sang,

Six Greer Idol Teen contestants worked their way through another record day of heat in GreerToday. The singers opened the Greer Memorial Freedom Blast at City Park singing their choice of patriotic country songs.

The 103-degree temperature with a 110-heat index was magnified with the sun blazing straight into their faces on the hot stage.

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Greer Idol cuts 3 more, 1 Teen Idol ousted
JUN 27, 2012

Three more Greer Idol singers were cut and one Teen Idol as the field is set for its biggest performance date this summer on Saturday at the Greer Memorial Freedom Blast at City Park.

John Garrison, Hannah Clayton and Colleen Gaine were eliminated from Idol trimming the field to eight and Jonathan Harper was ousted at Teen Idol to reduce the field to six.

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EVENT: Freedom Blast Schedule - Saturday, June 30
JUN 24, 2012

EVENT: Freedom Blast Schedule - Saturday, June 30

Freedom Blast returns at Greer City Park on Saturday, June 30. It's the biggest event scheduled next weekend to celebrate the country's Independence. The event, with Greer Memorial Hospital as the presenting sponsor, begins at 5 p.m. and ends with a 15-minute fireworks display at 10 p.m.

Greer Idol competition will move to Saturday. It will be the biggest crowd the Teen and Greer Idol performers will face thus far this season. Teen Idol will be trimmed to six finalists this week and Greer Idol will be showcasing its eight finalists.

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McCalls cheer each other's success at Greer Idol 6
JUN 23, 2012

Lauren McCall sings

An interesting competition is taking place at Greer Idol 6.

Lauren and Jeremy McCall, a married couple, are competing with both getting good reviews from the judges panel during tonight’s second round. The song selection was from the ‘70s and ‘80s rock era. Lauren sang “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and Jeremy sang “Don’t Stop the Rain”.

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Dreesen finds peace while performing on stage
JUN 22, 2012

Wally Dreesen is among the 11 performers at Greer Idol 6 who surived the first round competiion. They perform tonight at 8 p.m. Three more singers will be eliminated to get the field down to 8 entering Freedom Blast scheduled Saturday, June 30.

Wally Dreesen survived the first cut this week for Greer Idol 6. He is a landscaper, but has been involved in dinner theaters and stage performances for years. He has produced and performed in his own dinner theaters, which were organized to help those with special needs.

Dreesen and Greer Idol’s other 10 singers perform at 8 tonight on stage at Victoria and Trade streets. Greer Idol Teen begins at 6 and the Rock and Roll Reunion Band begins its performance at 7 p.m.

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First cuts made in Greer Idol and Idol Teen
JUN 19, 2012

The first night of Greer Idol 6 the crowd spilled over onto the curbs and street. The stage was at Trade and Victoria streets, a change from the past year's location near The Depot at School and Trade.

Markie Gresham, Iresha Moorman and Laura Simmerson were eliminated from Greer Idol 6 as the second round of contestants were announced in GreerToday.

Trinity Sparks, 12, was ousted from the Greer Idol Teen field.

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Crowd-pleasing start for Greer Idol 6
JUN 18, 2012

Wally Dreesen and Markie Gresham talk about their performances backstage after the first round of Greer Idol 6. The second round is Friday night at 8 p.m.

Downtown rocked and rolled Friday night.

Wally Dressen, the senior contestant for Greer Idol 6, took command of the stage with his rendition of “Almost Like Being in Love” and last year’s runnerup Doug Allen, got this year’s competition off to a rousing start.

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Kershaw, McCleer impress Teen Idol crowd
JUN 17, 2012

Kayla Kershaw sang a cappella when her CD malfunctioned for her  

Kayla Kershaw wowed the enthusiastic Greer Idol Teen crowd Friday night with her rendition of “Mama’s Song” by Carrie Underwood.  All the more impressive was Kershaw singing a cappella when her CD malfunctioned.

The first night of Idol Teen, held before the performance of the featured band Encore and Greer Idol, went smoothly with a big crowd assembled at Trade and Victoria Street, where the stage was placed this year.

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Entertainment galore in Greer this weekend
JUN 15, 2012

The stage is set up at Trade and Victoria streets this year, in the middle of Restaurant Row and the merchants.

Picture Trade Street in the city center as an entertainment sandwich tonight.

The 100 block features fine and family dining with the 200 block offering sandwich/coffee shops, a general store and The Shoppes at The Grapevine with more than 40 merchants featuring their crafts.

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Official bios and music genre announced for Greer Idol 6
JUN 5, 2012

The official bios of the Greer Idol Season 6 finalists feature a former top 5 finisher, a husband and wife, a singer headed to Broadway and an Army Intelligence student. The 14 finalists begin competition Friday, June 15 during intermission of the week’s performance of Tunes on Trade and continues every Friday through July 27.

The stage has been moved to Victoria Street facing the Depot and railroad tracks.

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Teen Idol field pared to 8 finalists
JUN 5, 2012

The eight finalists for Greer Teen Idol have been selected and begin competition Friday, June 18 at 6 p.m.

Jonathan Harper

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Tunes on Trade moving to Victoria Street
JUN 4, 2012

Tunes on Trade is moving is stage to Victoria Street adjacent to Acme General Store. The summer musical festival on Friday nights begins June 18. Greer Teen Idol begins at 6 o'clock, the featured band at 7, and Greer Idol at 8 p.m.

Tunes on Trade will be doing an about face this year moving the stage one block north to Victoria and Trade streets looking the Depot and railroad tracks.

The move is to accommodate restaurants and merchants favoring a change. Acme General Store will front the stage and Wild Ace Pizza & Pub and BIN112 will be the backdrop with Rivera’s, Great Bay Oyster House and The Strip Club 104 Steak House just yards back.

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