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Wilson, Watts win Greer Idol and Idol Teen, respectively
JUL 28, 2012

Ryan Wilson proudly holds his winnings for capturing the 2012 Greer Idol Championship tonight.

Ryan Wilson won Greer Idol and Megan Watts captured Greer Idol Teen tonight during an evening that was dedicated to U.S. Army Pfc. Adam Ross.

Ross was killed in Afghanistan Tuesday by small arms fire, according to the Department of Defense. Ross is a Byrnes graduate, attended Airport Baptist Church in Greer and his girlfriend was B.B. Lowery the daughter of Greer Idol host Mike Lowery.

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Dakota will provide live interviews at Greer Idol finals Friday
JUL 26, 2012

Dakota Fitzgerald will provide live interviews at Friday's Greer Idol and Idol Teen finals. It is GreerToday.com's first production with commentary at a live streaming event.

Dakota Fitzgerald will make her live online debut as commentator for GreerToday.com Friday night at the final of Greer Idol 6.

Ryan Wilson and Wally Dreesen are the Greer Idol finalists and Kayla Kershaw and Megan Watts are vying for the Idol Teen championship. The Idol winner gets $1,500 and Idol Teen $500. The Teen Idol competition begins at 6 p.m. and Greer Idol at 8 p.m. A link will be provided on GreerToday’s home page or visit http://greertoday.com/tv/channel/greer-idol/ to watch Dakota’s reports and interviews.

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Greer Idol and Teen finals set for Friday showdown
JUL 23, 2012

Ryan Wilson has earned his way to the Greer Idol finals with a tenor voice that has earned him a loyal young fan base.

The different styles featured in Greer Idol Friday for the 2012 championship is as wide as the Continental Divide.

There’s the crooner Wally Dreesen who has warmed his way into the hearts of baby boomers and older week after week. And then there’s Ryan Wilson who represents the Millenials with his tenor voice and solid fan base that has grown weekly.

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Idol performances shortened; online voting will decide finalists
JUL 20, 2012

The 2012 Greer Idol semifinals is a night to remember. Emcee Mike Lowery cheerfully told the spectators no Greer Idol had been rained out.

Less than 20 minutes later Massey was telling the singers to cut their second songs in half, advising the judges no comments will be taken and advising the crowd of an impending storm heading toward downtown Greer.

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Idol Teens finalists are now in the hands of the judges
JUL 20, 2012

Kayla Kershaw, Anna McCleer or Megan Watts sang their last songs in the Greer Idol Teen competition in GreerToday.

One of the singers will be eliminated after online voting closes Monday at noon. The finals are scheduled next Friday in the last week of Tunes on Trade.

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Allen, 2011 Idol runner-up, is eliminated
JUL 18, 2012

Doug Allen, last year’s runner-up to 2011 Greer Idol Dana Jordan, was eliminated from competition with only two weeks remaining.

Brittany Pridemore, Wally Dreesen and Ryan Wilson remain with the field to be cut to the final two on Friday.

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Tonight's Greer Idol Thundered in Some Excellent Performances
JUL 13, 2012

Tonight's Greer Idol Thundered in Some Excellent Performances

Thunder opened tonight's Greer Idol performances, but the rain held off long enough for the contestants to give some exceptional performances.

Song selections had to be chosen from movie soundtracks, and the songs featured tonight covered six decades of history.

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Greer Idol and Teen is trimmed to final four
JUL 10, 2012

Lauren McCall took to Trade Street last week to perform at Greer Idol. She was eliminated with her husband, Jeremy, when their votes didn't tally high enough to advance.

Husband and wife Lauren and Jeremy McCall were eliminated from Greer Idol 6 and True Blue Heflin was ousted from Idol Teen. Four singers in each group remain with three weeks remaining in the Friday night competitions.

GreerToday.com will stream the competition Friday night beginning at 6 p.m.

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Contestants worked the crowd to gain an edge at Greer Idol
JUL 7, 2012

Doug Allen, 2011 Greer Idol runnerup, and Wally Dressen share congratulations at the end of tonight's Greer Idol 6 performances.

Lauren McCall took over Trade Street and most likely signed, sealed and delivered arguably the best performance to date of the 2012 Greer Idol season tonight.

McCall took her act to the street and entertained the crowd performing “Signed, Sealed and Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. She had the spectators clapping and stomping their feet and judges bobbing to the beat.

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Judges approve of Teen Idol's selections and performances
JUL 6, 2012

Kayla Kershaw got the crowd behind her rendition of

Kayla Kershaw delivered an inspiring rendition of “I’ll Be There” by the Jackson 5 and Megan Watts, sang “Get Here” by Oleta Adams in Greer Idol Teen tonight.

The crowd gave Kershaw a rousing ovation in her rendition. “Your voice is glorious,” judge Sheri Turner, of Anderson Life Magazine, said. “I know you are there for me,” Elizabeth Simpson of Greer Children’s Theatre said.

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Megan Watts performs at Greer Idol with a heavy heart
JUL 6, 2012

Megan Watts'

Megan Watts, 16, wrote the song, “Remembered You Today”, she performed during the Freedom Blast last Saturday during Greer Teen Idol.

The lyrics (below) tell the story of a soldier leaving a family to fight for his country. Megan’s lyrics tell of a loving sister who had a sibling rivalry with her older brother who joined the Army.

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Idol and Teen field reduced to six singers each
JUL 2, 2012

Ammadezia Styles and Chase Wolfe were eliminated from Greer Idol and Alex Rosenfeld was ousted from Idol Teen in GreerToday.

That leaves six contestants in each category battling for this year’s championship. Four weeks remain in the competition. Friday night’s Tunes on Trade, featuring the Out-Of-Towners band, returns to Trade and Victoria streets. Last Saturday’s Idol competition was performed in 103 degree heat at the Freedom Blast a City Park.

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Idol contestants brave severe heat, deliver top performances
JUL 1, 2012

Brittany Pridemore ended an impressive Greer Idol competition Saturday evening at the Greer Memorial Freedom Blast with an impressive rendition of

Chase Wolfe’s rendition of Tim McGraw’s “If You’re Reading This” impressed judges with his stage presence and soulful singing during Greer Idol’s competition in GreerToday at the Greer Memorial Freedom Blast.

Kay Young, a piano and voice instructor, gave a compliment of approval of Wolfe’s performance. “Thank you so much. That was so heart-rendering,” Young said.

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