Williams' re-election to Greer CPW is certified
JUL 26, 2012

Perry Williams was re-elected to a 6-year term as commissioner for Greer Commission of Public Works.

Perry Williams’ re-election as commissioner for the Greer Commission of Public Works was certified this morning at City Hall. Conway Belangia, Greenville County Election Commission, certified the results.

Williams picked up one vote one a challenge ballot to make the official count 432-361 for Williams. 

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Williams re-elected as commissioner to Greer CPW
JUL 24, 2012

Perry Williams is the toast of a victory party at his home tonight to celebrate his re-election as commissioner to Greer CPW. David Black shares in the celebration.

Incumbent Perry Williams won re-election as commissioner to the Greer Commission of Public Works tonight over challenger Jerry Balding.

Williams beat Balding by 70 votes with Williams’s winning margin at 8.83 percent.. Williams totaled 431 votes to Balding’s 361 of the 793 votes cast.

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Balding outspending Williams in Greer CPW race
JUL 23, 2012

Perry Williams is the incumbent seeking re-election for commissioner for Greer CPW. 

Jerry Balding has outspent Perry Williams by more than $4,400 and $2,000 more than the salary for commissioner for Greer Commission of Public Works.

The South Carolina State Ethics Commission for public disclosure and accountability reporting system shows Balding spending $11,671.84 and Williams totaling $7,265.44 in their race for the at-large seat for Greer CPW. Balding has outspent Williams by 38 percent. The ethics report is from Jan. 1, 2012 through July 23. The Ethics Commission requires a final report after the elections.

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Voting precincts, polling sites for Greer CPW race
JUL 23, 2012

These are the polling sites for voters to cast their ballot Tuesday for the at-large seat for commissioner for Greer Commission of Public Works. Polling sites are open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Questions about your voting precinct can be directed to Greenville County at 864-467-4431 or Spartanburg County at 864-596-2549.

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Williams is guest speaker at service, honored at community cookout
JUL 22, 2012

Perry Williams, incumbent candidate for commissioner of Greer Commission of Public Works spent a busy Saturday as an invited guest at The International House of Prayer and was hosted to a cookout in his honor at a community cookout.

Pastor David Benson invited Williams to speak at Saturday’s special tent service. Williams messaged the event was well attended. An 18-member New Orleans Jazz band performed at the service.

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Public is giving CPW candidates a free ride on issues
JUL 21, 2012

By Chip Blomgren

It's hot outside. We all have the same politics when it comes to the heat; we want to stay cool. If you visited Weather.com's homepage on July 19, its top headline read: “Severe Drought Reaches 21st-Century High.” South Carolina and the nation continue to set all-time temperature records and suffer a lack of rainfall. As a result, our crops are flagging and we are getting saddled with $500 a month electric bills. Tack the economic slump and monetary inflation issues onto the heat and that is a recipe for many people having to make hard choices between their utility payments and their groceries the rest of this year. However, on July 24, our fair citizenry of Greer get to elect a new Commissioner of Public Works in a municipal election. This is your chance to directly impact how your power and water will be managed by raising your concerns to the two candidates, Perry Williams and Jerry Balding, as they compete for your votes.

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Williams, Balding exchange ideas at forum
JUL 17, 2012

Perry Williams, incumbent commissioner for Greer CPW, enjoys watching his family talk politics to visitors at today's forum at Grace Hall.

Incumbent Perry Williams and Jerry Balding brought their campaign for commissioner of Greer Commission of Public Works to Grace Hall in GreerToday.

Both candidates had their team of supporters and family members attend the forum for the only municipal election scheduled for Tuesday, July 24. CPW commissioners Eugene Gibson and Jeff Howell attended with a handful of other citizens.

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Williams and Balding will meet in CPW candidate forum
JUL 5, 2012

Incumbent Perry Williams and challenger Jerry Balding will meet at a Greer Commission of Public Works candidate forum on Monday July 16 from 5:30 – 6:15 p.m. at Grace Hall.

The at-large CPW seat is the only contested race on July 24. 

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