GREER POLITICS From January 2013


Burns, Sullivan in runoff for House District 17
JAN 23, 2013

Mike Burns and Chris Sullivan will face a runoff on Feb. 5 in the Republican Primary for the House District 17 seat representing northern Greenville County.

Burns missed outright election by eight votes, needing 50 percent plus one vote, in Tuesday’s primary, getting 49.96 percent. He received 1,114 votes, among five candidates.  Sullivan received 874 votes.

Burns and Sullivan own businesses in Travelers Rest.

No Democrat filed for the seat and unless one does after the Feb. 5 runoff, the Burns-Sullivan winner could be sworn in without requiring a special election on March 12.

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Gowdy's third bill of 112th Congress signed into law
JAN 16, 2013

Rep. Trey Gowdy (SC-District 4) had his third bill of the 112th Congress signed into law. 

Rep. Trey Gowdy had his third bill of the 112th Congress signed into law. The Investigative Assistance for Violent Crimes Act of 2012 (H.R. 2076) was signed by President Obama Tuesday.

Only 12 out of 435 members had three or more bills become law. He has introduced seven bills with the language from “Military Commissions Guilty Plea Adjustment Act” (H.R. 1894) was included in the National Defense Authorization Act.  NDAA became law on December 31, 2011.

The law allows state and local law enforcement officials involved in the investigation of mass killings and other violent acts to request assistance from the law enforcement agencies within the Departments of Justice and Homeland Security.  It clarifies the support and places these acts of aid within the scope of Federal employment.

“As we have seen all too recently, federal law enforcement authorities can play an important role in the investigation of heinous criminal acts. Tragically, our country has seen instances where this is helpful in places as disparate as movie theaters, college campuses, and even elementary schools,” Gowdy said.

“The bill gives statutory coverage to the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation of mass killings or other violent crimes, when requested by state and local law enforcement,” Gowdy said. “This bill does not enlarge the jurisdiction of federal law enforcement but does enable aid to be rendered upon request by state and local law enforcement officials.” 

“As a former state and federal prosecutor, I have seen firsthand state, local and federal agents working together. It is my hope the involvement of federal agencies and their contribution of specialized skills, access and knowledge will be instrumental in ensuring justice is quickly served.”


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Legislators representing Greer give their take on agenda
JAN 7, 2013

Legislators who spoke at the First Friday Luncheon were, from the left: Tom Corbin, Lee Bright, Tommy Stringer, Donna Smith was the moderator, Dan Hamilton, Rita Allison and Phyllis Hernderson.

The seven legislators representing Greer appeared in a brief forum at the First Friday luncheon at Greer City Hall.

The audience was briefed on their agendas and what they believed to be the key issues facing the legislature when it begins its session Tuesday in Columbia.

Below is a review of what they see the most important items on the agenda. Links to each legislatator is provided.

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Stringer says state needs more producers, less takers
JAN 3, 2013

Rep. Tommy Stringer, representing District 18, mulled the question of society being takers or givers. “I think the question is are we still a society of producers,” Stringer said.

“We’re not doing a good enough job showing young people to be producers. Increase awareness and attractiveness of doing that is good,” Stringer said. “In government, what we need is the positive of controlling your own destiny.”

Stringer suggests education is the means for South Carolina to move forward in becoming more focused mentoring its population to become viable producers.

Stringer and other Greer elected officials have been invited to the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce’s First Friday luncheon at Greer City Hall Friday 11:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Stringer is on the Education and Public Works committees in the legislature.

Q: What do you consider the biggest issues facing the 2013 legislature?

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