A Christmas Story: Kallie likes building snowmen

By Garrett Mitchell, Staff Reporter
Published on Tuesday, December 1, 2015

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Kallie Poinsett, 6, likes cold weather to build snowmen.

Garrett Mitchell

Kallie Poinsett, 6, likes cold weather to build snowmen.


Meet Kallie Poinsett.

Kallie is 6-years-old and likes cold weather. In fact, cold weather happens to make her favorite winter adventure possible.

"I like to build snowmen," said Kallie, when asked what her favorite holiday activity was.

Kallie said her favorite holiday food is spaghetti and she knows exactly what she wants for Christmas.

"I want a unicorn," she said.

Kallie is also a fan of the Disney movie "Frozen." Of course, the best Christmas present she has ever gotten was a character in the film.

"Olaf (the snowman) is my favorite Christmas present," said Kallie.

Well, Kallie, we wish you a merry Christmas and lots of snowmen this year.


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