Nancy undergoing 10-week chemotherapy plan; antsy to get to work

Published on Thursday, July 21, 2011

Nancy Welch has begun a 10-week chemotherapy treatment as part of her recovery process from colorectal cancer surgery on June 15. “She just started her one week on and then one week off routine,” Nelson Welch, her son, reported. “She is getting her treatment four days a week, Monday through Thursday, for three to four hours a day. They just want to make sure they got it all during surgery.”

Nelson said his mother is beginning to get out a little more and visiting friends. “She is building up her strength and goes out with her girlfriends about once a week. But she wants to get up at six in the morningand get to work. She wants to be active and have some responsibility to get up and go.

“Mother is not driving much. She’s taking it easy and is expected to take the rest of the year off. The doctors want her to slow down and not be in a rush to do things. She has limited visitors so she isn’t cramped up alone all the time,” Nelson said. Kristen, Nelson’s wife, is spending time with Nancy and her husband, Bob Harrison, so she has somebody around all the time.”

Nelson’s daughter, Haley, celebrates her third birthday Saturday. “Mother will come for that if she feels up to it. If not we’ll bring Haley over to the house,” Nelson said.

Davis, 9, Nelson’s oldest, has finished his swimming season with the Westside Club. He has been swimming competitively for two years. The season wrapped up with the City Championships at the Middle Tyger YMCA last week.

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