GGEF Gala to feature the Swingin' Medallions
JUL 30, 2012

The GREATER GREER EDUCATION FOUNDATION will present its 5th Annual Education Gala to benefit Education in the Greater Greer Area on Thursday, September 20, 2012, from 6:30-10 p.m. This year, the Gala will be held at the new Cannon Centre at 204 Cannon Street, Greer, S. C. 

 The Gala will feature beach music by The Swingin’ Medallions.  The Swingin’ Medallions’ musical roots came from listening to the early rhythm and blues acts.

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Welch among presenters at Healing Journeys national conference
MAY 8, 2012

Thomas Moore has written most of his 15 books with deepening spirituality in every aspect of life. He lectures on holistic medicine, spirituality, psychotherapy and the arts.

Healing Journeys National Conference will be held in Spartanburg on the Spartanburg Methodist College campus Saturday and Sunday, June 23-24. Greer's Nancy Welch will be among the presenters.

The conference will be Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday 9:15 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Book signing opportunities will follow the Sunday session.

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Welch, Dr. Blestel team for free seminar on colon cancer
APR 26, 2012

Nancy Welch and Greenville Hospital System colorectal surgeon George Blestel are hosting a free seminar for a discussion about colon cancer – and how a routine colonoscopy saved Nancy’s life.

The seminar is noon – 1 p.m., Thursday, May 3, at the Greenville Marriott at 1 Parkway East. Lunch is provided, but registration is required. To register, call 1-877-447-4636 or visit ghs.org/360healthed.

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Welch's appearance made it a good First Friday
MAR 5, 2012

Nancy Welch and Dr. George Blestel revisited the First Friday luncheon one year after Welch announced being diagnosed with colorectal cancer. March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Nancy Welch and Dr. George Blestel can be excused for having a private, light moment with both giggling during the First Friday luncheon at Greer City Hall.

Just seeing them both together, at the Greer Chamber of Commerce, one year after Welch and Blestel began their public crusade in battling colorectal cancer, was reason for a celebration. Welch has undergone surgery, chemo treatments and an intensive rehabilitation from the disease. The timeliness of March being National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month was appropriate for Blestel's presentation and Welch's confirmation of the wisdom of prevention.

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Nancy Welch: The journey is over!
FEB 8, 2012

It has now been a little over a week since I had my surgery. My, what a difference a week makes.

On Monday, January 30, I had surgery to reverse my “pocketbook” done last June. It was great relief to know they would be able to do this surgery as well as relief when it actually worked! I guess the latter of those falls into the category of “ little faith.”  None the less, I was glad when the plumbing did what the surgeon had assured me it would do.

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Nancy Welch recovering, hospital release day-to-day
FEB 2, 2012

Nancy Welch remains in the hospital with her release now day-to-day.  Nancy had surgery Monday to reverse her illeostomy. It’s the final surgical stage as Nancy nears the end of battling colorectal cancer.

“Doctors just want to make sure she is comfortable when she goes home and can maneuver around the house when she is there,” Nelson, her son, said.  “We have to keep reminding her this is major surgery and it will take a little while to regain her strength.”

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Nancy Welch: The journey is nearing an end
JAN 29, 2012

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I can see it now and there is no train coming this way! At least that is the way it looks today. I have been cleared for surgery on Monday, January 30, 2012, beginning at high noon. This surgery will be to reverse my “pocketbook,” otherwise known in the medical profession as an illeostomy. I had the original surgery in June and to say that I will be happy when this is over is probably a huge understatement.

During the last seven months, I have chatted with several people who have had either an illeostomy or a colostomy. All reports have been that the worst is over and that the reversal is not that bad. I have heard my surgeon say that, but he also told me that the test he “preformed” in his office would not be bad. He lied. I threw up three times before they wheeled me to a car in a wheel chair! Not that I don’t believe the doctor, but I do put more credence in what people say that have actually had this procedure! I am counting on them telling me the truth and they say it will not be bad.

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Chamber celebrates historic year; Haley gives pro business address
JAN 26, 2012

Governor Nikki Haley, tonight's keynote speaker, laughs as she sees Allen Smith prepare to present her with a bobblehead likeness. Nigel Robertson of WYFF was the master of ceremonies.

The biggest annual celebration the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce ever held was also one for the ages tonight at the Embassy Suites in Greenville.

Nancy Welch received the inaugural Senator J. Verne Smith Award. Gov. Nikki Haley, the state’s first woman governor, was the guest speaker. A record 510 people were in attendance and Chamber President and CEO Allen Smith reported $36,700 gift cards sold in the chamber’s “Keep the Green in Greer” initiative.

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Book Talk with Nancy Welch will be held on Saturday, Nov. 5
OCT 28, 2011

Book Talk with Nancy Welch will be held on Saturday, Nov. 5, 3-4:30 p.m. at the Greer (Jean M. Smith) Library.

Nancy will share stories from her “A Taste of Humor Cookbook”. Nancy has combined some of her favorite recipes and stories into a cookbook that can be used to prepare meals for family and friends.

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Nancy Welch gets warm welcome, Nelson subject of joke
AUG 25, 2011

Nancy Welch’s surprise visit to the Greer Touchdown Club this afternoon provided a spark to the kickoff of this year’s meeting and the most laughs at the expense of her son, Nelson.
Nancy looked spectacular after undergoing colorectal cancer surgery last spring and subsequent treatments. Her health has steadily improved and she appeared to be regaining her appetite while lunching on the Clock’s catered lunch.

Nelson was wearing a bandage on his left wrist as a result of a ganglion cyst that required minor surgery to remove last week. Nelson commented during the meeting that his mother was driving him around since he was prohibited at this time. “I feel incarcerated,” Nelson said. “I’m relying on my mom driving me around because I can’t at this time.”

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Nancy undergoing 10-week chemotherapy plan; antsy to get to work
JUL 21, 2011

Nancy Welch has begun a 10-week chemotherapy treatment as part of her recovery process from colorectal cancer surgery on June 15. “She just started her one week on and then one week off routine,” Nelson Welch, her son, reported. “She is getting her treatment four days a week, Monday through Thursday, for three to four hours a day. They just want to make sure they got it all during surgery.”

Nelson said his mother is beginning to get out a little more and visiting friends. “She is building up her strength and goes out with her girlfriends about once a week. But she wants to get up at six in the morningand get to work. She wants to be active and have some responsibility to get up and go.

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Nancy's Journey
JUL 13, 2011

In my life, I have worn many labels: cheerleader, preacher’s daughter, sorority president, TV personality, college vice president, mediator, chairman of the board, author, elder, inn keeper, interior designer, cook, wife and mother, to name a few!

When the surgeon looked at me and said, “You have rectal cancer,” that was a label I was not prepared to wear. I thought to myself, “I have the Big C.” Cancer, just the word itself, felt like a death sentence. I had first-hand knowledge of this disease as my mother had died with cancer some 40 years ago. She had not had the same kind of cancer, but, at this point, cancer was cancer. My mind was racing from one image of cancer to another and I had not even left the doctor’s office. Three days earlier I had undergone a colonoscopy. Three polyps had been found: two were fine, but one was not.

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Nancy is in good spirits, begins healing process
JUN 14, 2011

Nancy Welch is recovering from successful surgery and is in good spirits, according to a family spokesperson. “She had her makeup on this morning and I could hear her from the elevator so I think that’s a good sign.”

Nancy’s son, Nelson, visited this morning and her sister, from Atlanta, has been with her since Monday.

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Listen to Nancy: Screenings can provide early detection
JUN 12, 2011

You don’t have to be afraid to ask Nancy Welch how she is feeling. Feel free to discuss with her the surgery she is undergoing Monday at Mary Black Hospital.

“I have rectal cancer. Is there anything that sounds less lady-like? But it’s a body part. It is what it is. I’m sure men have body parts they don’t like to talk about,” Nancy said on the eve of her surgery.

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Meet Dr. George Blestel
JUN 10, 2011

Dr. George Ambrose Blestel’s practice is limited to the specialty of colon and rectal surgery, which includes treatment of colorectal cancer, diverticular disease, inflammatory bowel disease including Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. He also specializes in treatment disorders of the rectal area such as hemorrhoids, fissures, fistulas and repair and reconstruction of the sphincter muscle. Colonoscopy for screening and surveillance exams is also provided.

Dr. George Blestel best describes colon and rectal cancer as a closed-door conversation. “It’s getting better but we’re about 10-15 years behind where breast cancer is,” Blestel said.

When Nancy Welch undergoes surgery Monday, Blestel will perform the procedure. His almost 30 years of practicing colon and rectal surgery and related disorders is a field that only has 1,200 board certified surgeons nationally.

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