Riverside High School Speech and Debate Team takes charge at state competitions

Published on Thursday, March 29, 2018

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The Riverside High School Speech and Debate teams

The Riverside High School Speech and Debate teams


The Riverside High School Speech and Debate Team won both the overall 2018 South Carolina State Championship and the AAAAA State Title at the S.C. Forensic Coaches’ Association Tournament at Greenville High School March 2-3. 


Seniors Cindy Li, Julia Murray, and Mit Patel serve as team captains and led the Warriors to a seventh consecutive state championship. In addition winning the overall award, several Riverside students were named state champions in particular events.


State champions in debate events include:

Elizabeth Dods, sophomore, in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

Ivana Ramirez, sophomore, in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate 

Joa Sanchez, sophomore, in SPAR Debate

The team of Jaimie McKeel and Matthew Yoon, juniors, in Public Forum Debate 


State champions in speech events include:

Ian Chiu, junior, a double champion in Informative Speaking and Expository Speaking

Shalyn Drakeford, sophomore, in Declamation

Mit Patel, senior, in Original Oratory


State champions in interpretation events include Sooruj Bhatia, senior, a double champion in Humorous Interpretation and Program Oral Interpretation 

Phillip Martin, junior, in Storytelling 

The team of Tarun Giridhar and Zach Simpson, freshmen, in Duo Interpretation Freshmen Laurel Holley, Miriam Meyer, and Derek Xie were declared novice champions in Informative Speaking, Declamation, and Congressional Debate, respectively 

Freshmen Giridhar and Simpson won both the novice and overall title in duo 

Senior Will Tapp was the Best Presiding Officer in Congressional Debate.


A complete list of Riverside Trophy winners follows:


Will Tapp, 2nd in Congressional Debate/Best Presiding Officer

Parth Vashi, 4th in Congressional Debate

Derick Xie, 6th in Congressional Debate/Novice Champion

Shalyn Drakeford, Champion in Declamation

Miriam Meyer, 2nd in Declamation/Novice Champion

Varshitha Reddy Karveti, 3rd in Declamation

Laurel Holley, 4th in Declamation

Payton Frappier, 5th in Declamation

Spatika Gowda, 6th in Declamation

Ryan Du, Semifinalist in Declamation

Shreya Tellur, Semifinalist in Declamation

Phillip Martin, 2nd in Dramatic Interpretation

Sooruj Bhatia, 5th in Dramatic Interpretation

Daniella Herrera Gutierrez, 6th in Dramatic Interpretation

Payton Frappier, Semifinalist in Dramatic Interpretation

Tarun Giridhar and Zach Simpson, Champions in Duo Interpretation/Novice Champions

Daniella Herrera Gutierrez and Emma Dell Fletcher, 2nd in Duo Interpretation

Shantal Gomez and Erden Ucok, 3rd in Duo Interpretation

Cindy Li and Phillip Martin, 4th in Duo Interpretation

Ian Chiu, Champion in Expository

Rohit Yarlagadda, 2nd in Expository

Mit Patel, 3rd in Expository

Julia Murray, 2nd in Extemporaneous Speaking

Kelly Wang, 3rd in Extemporaneous Speaking

Priyanka Shah, 4th in Extemporaneous Speaking

Michael Gallagher, 5th in Extemporaneous Speaking

Raghed Abdel-Tawab, 6th in Extemporaneous Speaking

Sooruj Bhatia, Champion in Humorous Interpretation

Emma Dell Fletcher, 2nd in Humorous Interpretation

Mit Patel, 3rd in Humorous Interpretation

Lucy Wang, 4th in Humorous Interpretation

Erden Ucok, 5th in Humorous Interpretation

Stephan Voelk, 6th in Humorous Interpretation

Julia Murray, 3rd in Impromptu

Michael Gallagher, 4th in Impromptu

Kelly Wang, 5th in Impromptu

Priyanka Shah, 6th in Impromptu

Andrew Kim, Semifinalist in Impromptu

Ian Chiu, Champion in Informative Speaking

Stephan Voelk, 2nd in Informative Speaking

Laurel Holley, 3rd in Informative Speaking/Novice Champion

Silvana Cuervo, 4th in Informative Speaking

Cindy Li, 6th in Informative Speaking

Elizabeth Dods, Champion in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

Joe Allen, 2nd in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

Susan Kim, Semifinalist in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

Brian Yoon, Semifinalist in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

Madaline Allen, Quarterfinalist in Novice Lincoln Douglas Debate

Sebastian Alvarado, 4th in Novice Reading

Danielle Louw, 5th in Novice Reading

Manasvini Garigipati, 6th in Novice Reading

Michell Sanchez-Flores, Semifinalist in Novice Reading

Mit Patel, Champion in Original Oratory

Ian Chiu, 2nd in Original Oratory

Ahva Zadeh, 4th in Original Oratory

Talia Samard, 5th in Original Oratory

Elizabeth Sanchez, 2nd in Original Oratory

Sooruj Bhatia, Champion in Program Oral Interpretation

Allie Watts, 3rd in Program Oral Interpretation

Jaimie McKeel and Matthew Yoon, Champions in Public Forum Debate

Abby Hickey and Pratamesh Ramasubramanian, 2nd in Public Forum Debate

Brooke Reid and Janine D’Souza, Semifinalists in Public Forum Debate

Joa Sanchez, Champion in SPAR Debate

Phillip Martin, Champion in Storytelling

Allison Devolve, 3rd in Storytelling

Alexis Celaya, Semifinalist in Storytelling

Jackson Keller, Semifinalist in Storytelling

Deepthi Prabhaker, Semifinalist in Storytelling

Ivana Ramirez, Champion in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate

Audrey Dods, 2nd in Varsity Lincoln Douglas Debate





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