SCHSL short fall season remains; Lexington vote deferred

Published on Thursday, July 23, 2020

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SCHSL short fall season remains; Lexington vote deferred
The South Carolina High School League Appellate Panel deferred a vote on the Lexington District 1 proposal until Aug. 10 at 11 a.m. The two-part plan is to adjust traditional high school sports seasons because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

SCHSL officials and high school coaches and athletic directors reportedly asked for more information and time to study the proposal. COVID-19 cases and deaths are spiking in South Carolina, designated a hot spot for the coronavirus. The delay offers high risk sports like football an alternative for a spring season under the Lexington plan.

High schools would play four seasons with low and moderate risk sports – fall, winter and two spring seasons. The sports are designated low to high risks based on the number of players. (see below).

The SCHSL last week approved a shortened season for fall sports. That remains in effect.

SCHSL approved plan

• Practice has been pushed back from July 31 to August 17.
• 7 game football season starting Sept. 11.
• Region games (girls tennis, volleyball, football) played first and shortened playoff schedule.

First Game: Sept. 11 (Begin with Region play) Maximum Regular Season Games: 7
Playoffs Start: Oct. 30
State Finals: Nov. 20

Girls Tennis and Volleyball
First Contest: Aug. 31 (Begin with Region play)
Girls Tennis and Volleyball Playoffs start: Oct. 19
Girls Tennis and Volleyball State Finals: Oct. 31

Swim and Girls Golf
First Contest: Aug. 31
Swim State Finals: Oct. 10 and 12
Girls Golf Qualifiers: October 19
Girls Golf State Finals: Oct. 26-27

Cross Country
First Contest: Aug. 31
Cross Country Qualifiers: Nov. 2-7
Cross Country State Finals: Nov. 9-14

Competitive Cheer
First Contest: Sept. 12
Upper/Lower Qualifiers: Nov. 2-7 *Upper/Lower Qualifier*
Cheer State Finals: Nov. 9-14

Note: Football, Volleyball, and Girls Tennis, region play will be used to determine playoff seedings. Teams not making the playoffs in football will be allowed one additional game. Swim, Girls Golf, Cross-country, and Competitive Cheer, qualifier events will determine advancement to the respective State Finals.

Lexington District 1 Proposal

Vote scheduled Aug. 10 at 11 a.m.

Fall Sept. 21–Nov. 27 (10 weeks)

• Girls Tennis (Moderate*)

• Girls Golf (Low) (Sept 7–Oct 30, 8 weeks)

• G/B Swim (Low/Moderate) (Sept 7- Oct 30, 8 weeks)

• Baseball (Moderate*)

• Softball (Moderate*)

• Girls Lacrosse (Moderate)

• Cross Country (Low)

Winter Nov. 23–Jan. 29 (10 weeks)

• Girls Basketball (Moderate)

• Boys Basketball (Moderate)

• Spirit Cheer (Low)

Spring 1 Jan. 25–April 2 (10 weeks)

• Football (High*)

• Volleyball (Moderate*)

• Competition Cheer (High)

Spring 2 March 22–May 28 (10 weeks)

• Track (Low/Moderate)

• Wrestling (High)

• B/G Soccer (Moderate)

• Boys Golf (Low)

• Boys Tennis (Moderate*)

• Boys Lacrosse (High)

The Lexington plan also recommends shortening seasons and playoff rounds to accommodate four sports seasons during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Amount of Regular Season Contests Per Sport: 

• Football — 6 V/JV

• Swim — 4 meets

• Golf — 8 V / 4 JV

• Volleyball — 12 V / 8 JV

• Cross Country — 5 meets

• Track — 5 meets

• Tennis — 12 V / 8 JV

• Wrestling — 8 V / 4 JV

• Basketball — 16 V / 12 JV

• Lacrosse — 12 V / 8 JV

• Baseball/Softball — 16 V / 12 JV

• Soccer — 12 V / 8 JV

• Competitive Cheer — 4 competitions



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