Greater Greer Education Foundation awards $1,000 scholarships to area students

Published on Thursday, May 23, 2019

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David Dolge presents at $1,000 scholarship to Wyatt Armstrong.

David Dolge presents at $1,000 scholarship to Wyatt Armstrong.

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Marge;om Arias accepts the R1,000 scholarship from Dolge

Marge;om Arias accepts the R1,000 scholarship from Dolge

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Dolge congratulated Veterio Powell on receiving the $1,000 scholarship.

Dolge congratulated Veterio Powell on receiving the $1,000 scholarship.

A dozen students were awarded $1,000 scholarships each on Wednesday at Greer City Hall by the Greater Greer Education Foundation during its annual event.

Travis Olmert, Foundation Chairman, said, “It gives us the opportunity to award outstanding students additional funding as they seek a career in various fields.”

 Olmert told the students he represents an eighth generation family who has benefitted elementary through high school and, “this gives us an opportunity to pay it forward to you in hopes you will do the same.”

 The expanding manufacturing, intermodal and healthcare environment in the Upstate has made skills in welding, surgical technology, radiology and mechatronics a hotbed for talent.

 Davis Dolge, chairman of the Foundation’s Grant and Scholarship Committee made the scholarship presentations, along with comments about the recipients from their school guidance counselors.

Sydney Underwood is a compassionate, hard-working student. Her work ethic is admirable as she has successfully maintained good grades while balancing extra-curricular activities. She attends Bonds Career Center where she has been studying Cosmetology and plans to attend Greenville Technical College where she will pursue a degree in business management in hopes of one day owning her own Salon.

Alyssa Powell is a very hard-working , respectful, and conscientious student. I am very proud of how hard Alyssa has worked all year to keep her grades up, and to stay on top of her graduation requirements. She attends Bonds Career Center where she has been studying Automotive Technology. Alyssa plans to pursue a degree in Auto Body at Greenville Technical College.

 Marbelin Arias is a hard-working student who gives her all to achieve success. Always eager to learn new things in the classroom, she has a very positive attitude about school and about life. Her strong determination has helped her maintain an “A” average throughout the year in her esthetics class. She plans to attend Greenville Technical College in the Fall.

Walker Vander West is a very hard-working student who is very respectful toward peers and authority. Walker is efficient in welding processes and has earned 4 AWS Welding Certifications. He plans to earn more certifications and looks forward to attending Spartanburg Community College to advance his training. He is a gifted young man who will go far in his career.

 Vetorio Powell is a hard-working and dedicated student. He transferred to Byrnes this year and handled the transition with great maturity. He is excelling in his Mechatronics class and I know he will do well in his career. Vetorio wants to enter a career that has longevity and is in demand.

 Shelby Fortenberry is a great candidate for this scholarship because it will help her afford college. Shelby has moved around a bit which impacted her academics. Since she has been at Byrnes she has had stability and has worked very hard, will graduate and attend college. Shelby plans to attend Greenville Technical College in the Welding Program.

 Evan Williams wanted to become a firefighter because of his own home being destroyed in a fire. He has taken every opportunity to further his training, including serving over 2,000 hours and responding to over 130 calls as a volunteer at Tyger River Fire Department. In addition, Evan will be pursuing his EMT/Paramedic certification at Greenville Technical College to prepare him for his career as a firefighter.

 Brianna Davis is an outstanding Welding student. She was the only and first female to ever place in the top 10 (out of 316!) at the Tulsa Welding School Jacksonville’s Annual Welding Competition, which is the largest welding competition in the country. She will be attending Spartanburg Community College to pursue her Welding Degree.

 Donovan Miguel Dessinger is a hard-working, persistent young man who has consistently challenged himself at Greer Middle College. He has taken Psychology at the college and is currently in the Mechatronics program at Bonds Career Center. Donovan wants to enroll in the Mechatronics Program at Greenville Technical College. He loves fishing, working on cars,boating, cooking, and hunting. He is a quiet, thoughtful student who can be trusted to complete any task assigned.

 Hannah Maria McMahan is interested in studying Physical Therapy at Greenville Technical College. Her desire to help people and her ability to get along with everyone are qualities that will make her a good physical therapist. Her compassion and desire to help in her community are evident in her extensive community service. On top of that, Hannah holds down a part-time job at Publix Bakery.

 Victor Bryant is a polite, respectful young man. Ideally, he would love to be a funny actor on television or the internet. Victor is a leader who wants to inspire others. He plans to attend Greenville Technical College to enroll in the HVAC Technical Associates Degree Program.

 Wyatt Armstrong is an excellent student academically, and he is a skilled welder. He has high goals for himself, and is trustworthy and of strong character. Wyatt is a well-rounded student, who helps his family, works hard, has a great attitude, and is respectful to everyone. He hopes to attend the International Diving Institute to pursue Underwater Welding. He is a very deserving student who is a proud citizen of Greer.



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