Art & Artisans are featured at The Shoppes May 24
MAY 10, 2012

The Shoppes at The Grapevine is featuring “Art & Artisans” on Thursday May 24 5:30-8:30 p.m. Vendors who are categorized into the artwork and handcrafters category will feature their work in metal work, paintings, art glass, pottery, textiles of all sorts and refurbished home wares.

An open house at The Shoppes last month had over 300 visitors to the boutiques consignment store.

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Pets' special needs auction nets $700
APR 9, 2012

Jessica Monroe celebrated her birthday by hosting a fundraiser for Saved by the Heart Companion Animal Services at The Davenport.

Greer area businesses and friends of Jessica Monroe made her 30th birthday wish come true at a party at The Davenport.

Monroe hosted the Saved by the Heart Companion Animal Services fundraiser last month and received $700. Greer Station businesses and restaurants exhibited merchandise and food and a silent auction was held.

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Animal Rescue party at The Davenport Thursday
MAR 20, 2012

Jessica Monroe is turning her 30th birthday into a party Thursday at The Davenport to benefit animals.

Saved by the Heart Companion Animal Services is the fundraiser host from 8 p.m. – midnight.

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Sill brings plenty of smiles to girls and boys
MAR 17, 2012

Ronetta Harper Griffin, 1991 Miss South Carolina, and Sydney Sill, 2012 Miss Greater Greer Teen, were a main draw at Griffin's Carolina Chic boutique of candles Thursday night at The Shoppes at The Grapevine open house.

Sydney Sill, 2012 Miss Greater Greer Teen, made her first public appearance Thursday evening at The Shoppes at The Grapevine open house on Trade Street.

It was also the most relaxing week for Sill since she competed for the Miss Teen pageant last month. Consider that in the middle of February Sill was preparing for the Miss Greer pageant, practicing four hours nightly for the just completed and highly successful run of “Hairspray” and sandwiching those productions between full days at school.

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Block party planned for The Shoppes' open house Thursday
MAR 14, 2012

A mini-festival is brewing at The Shoppes at The Grapevine open house Thursday.

Wanda Garcia, owner of The Shoppes, has planned an evening, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m., that will include music, appetizers and wine. About 40 small business owners will showcase their products that include clothing, arts, crafts, repurposed furniture, candles and signature handcrafted merchandise.

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Redeemed Furniture gives furnishings a second chance
MAR 11, 2012

Debbie Dather created Redeemed Furniture to restore the value and life of quality pieces of furniture.

Makeovers, facelifts and restoration are the key elements in Debbie Dather's Redeemed Furniture business at The Shoppes at The Grapevine.

Redeemed Furniture specializes in restoring the value and life to quality pieces of furniture.  "We start by finding well-built pieces that are unique and functional but are in need of some love," Dather said. "Then we dream.  What would add value, character, and make this piece something everyone will talk about?  Out of that comes redeemed furniture."

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The Shoppes at the Grapevine host open house
MAR 8, 2012

The stories behind the artisans and business owners at The Shoppes at the Grapevine are as intriguing as the unique items that number in the thousands from among 40 boutique vendors.

The Shoppes has its formal open house next Thursday, March 15 from 5:30-8:30 p.m. at 211 Trade Street. It's two store fronts down from where Wanda Garcia, the Shoppes' owner, first began her popular business. 

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Love-Branded is a reflection of Rajaee's creativity and faith
MAR 8, 2012

'Who doesn't love to wear something that tells others something about themselves?'Julie RajaeeOwner

Julie Rajaee's boutique business, "Love-Branded", began when she decided to spend her birthday money on a hobby. A book about jewelry making and uncounted beads, Julie said, "led to more necklaces in proportion to the number of necks I owned."

The scores of hours practicing and creating new pieces of jewelry was born when she held an open house, at the suggestion of a friend, to sell some of her designs. Seven years later, "I am still enjoying expressing my creativity through this craft and have expanded my craft by adding the Hand Stamped line into my collection," Julie said.

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Monroe's Access to Baggage is a result of pricey purse parties
MAR 8, 2012

Jessica Monroe had thought about diving into the small business world selling purses. Going to purse shows and trunk parties convinced Jessica to take the plunge in November 2008. The result is Access to Baggage, a boutique business at The Shoppes at the Grapevine on Trade Street.

The defining point for Jessica came at a purse party. "Most of the bags by this other purse party company were priced over $100. And I walked out of the party not buying anything because of the price point. I wanted to bring quality products to people at affordable prices," Jessica said.

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Serendipity occupies four spaces for a variety of merchandise
MAR 8, 2012

Carrie Flanagan has grown her business from one 18-inch shelf three years ago to four spaces to accommodate one of the largest selections at The Shoppes at the Grapevine.

Carrie Flanagan, owner of "Serendipity", is one of the original boutique owners in "The Shoppes at the Grapevine" when she began selling watches off an 18-inch shelf at the previous location three years ago.

Carrie, who lives in Greer, has expanded into one of the larger boutique shops with four spaces at the Grapevine. She only carries one or two pieces in her jewelry and handbag lines to ensure the uniqueness of her items.

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Vanvick's 'Point of View' photography reaches deep into her soul
MAR 8, 2012

Helen Vanvick is her own subject with this photo of her at the lake.

Helen Vanvick is rarely without her camera. It's as if the lens has become a third eye through the years as she has captured poignant photos for her "Point of View" business and added inspirational inscriptions to them.

"I was on a boat ride one late afternoon and looked up to see clouds that looked like angel wings. I have given this picture to those going through life's transitions --- a girl going off to college, a grieving widow, and a twenty-something moving out on her own," Helen said.

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Metal-Art created from high tech equipment
MAR 8, 2012

This selection of metal art shows the dynamics that technology plays on the creative process.

Several years ago Bob and Mary Hiles purchased a CNC Plasma cutter and learned CAD (computer aided design). That enabled them to develop creative works of art made of 14 or 16 gauge steel for their "Metal-Art" business.

Most of the pieces are powder coated, some are hand painted and all produce long lasting art for the home, lawn or garden.  Their latest creations are trailer hitch covers for your favorite sport/team/hobby.

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'A Touch of Glass' is created from old discarded windows
MAR 8, 2012

Kris calls this 'Gamecock Palmetto'. The palmetto represents the state's tree. Kris will explain what the

Kris Scott creates stained glass art windows, which are made from old discarded windows, for her "A Touch of Glass" boutique.

"I know that there is a bit of artist in everyone.  It is just that we all receive and send artistic expression differently … fine arts, graphic arts, writing, cooking, landscaping, the list could go on and on," Kris said.

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McNamara's 'At Home' designs cultivated from family roots
MAR 8, 2012

This flower arrangement by Susan McNamara showcases her expertise using twigs, moss and greenery in her creations.

Susan McNamara created 'At Home'  in January 2009 and 10 months later became a vendor with Wanda Garcia, owner of The Shoppes at the Grapevine.

The boutique features botanical decor with lots of twigs, moss and greenery. The unique wreaths and table arrangements showcases Susan's skills as a Master Gardener (Clemson). She is a member of the Greater Greenville Master Gardeners and Gower Gardeners.

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Tess Jones created a business out of her intrigue with art glass
MAR 8, 2012

Tess Jones Glass designs are colorful and vibrant. Her mother's passion for gardening and flowers influenced Tess.

Tess Jones said growing up in rural Iowa and watching her mom's passion for gardening and flowers made a deep impression on her. Tess Jones Glass is colorful and vibrant reflecting the influence of flowers, trees and the natural scenery.

"I’ve always been intrigued with art glass," Tess said. "The way the light travels through glass and interacts with the design and colors to create emotion is incredibly fascinating."

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McGrath finds a repurpose for everything at Fresh Picked Vintage
MAR 8, 2012

This blue chair was repurposed and is featured at Fresh Picked Vintage.

Stephanie McGrath's Fresh Picked Vintage boutique expresses her love for repurposing and junk. She didn't begin appreciating the hobby until she became a homeowner. Her appetite for junk and repurposing was whet when her dad took her to flea markets as a child. 

"You won't find me talking about vintage fashion or the latest vintage dress I bought because I live in T-shirts and jeans," Stephanie said. "I love to talk about home decorating, repurposing the old to make it new again, and of course finding junk. In the last year I went to my first estate sale and I've been hooked ever since."

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Quiltsnquaints fulfills Brown's desires with writing and crafts
MAR 8, 2012

Jeanne Brown writes poetry since retiring and has edited poetry for a friend who has published Christian poetry books.

Jeanne Brown likens herself as a renegade with a creative spirit all her life. Quiltsnquaints developed from her desire to have her sewing and hand crafts have a longer existence.

"My penchant for tactile creativity began many years ago as I enjoyed sewing and other hand crafts. I began sewing clothes in my early 20s and then realized that I found accessories and quilts more rewarding as their life expectancy was longer. "One outgrows clothes or styles change, quilts and art never do," Brown said.

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Fabulosa Jewelry made from diverse materials
MAR 8, 2012

These are some of the trendy jewelry designs offered at Fabulosa Jewelry.

Valerie Gerkey's costume jewelry and accessories are original designs showcased at Fabulosa Jewelry. The trendy line features necklaces, bracelets, and matching earrings, belts,scarves and other accessories.

The jewelry line is made from freshwater pearls, ceramic, wood and glass.

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40 new businesses open on Trade Street
FEB 3, 2012

Carrie Flanagan puts some finishing touches at her boutique Friday at The Grapevine. She is among the 40 businesses that have leased space at the store on 211 Trade Street.

Downtown got a lot busier Friday as The Grapevine welcomed 40 boutique owners to its new location at 211 Trade Street.

The newly designed building, formerly the Pumponator’s shipping warehouse, features 3,000 square feet of retail space for a maximum 50-52 retail boutiques. Jewelry, handbags, bath and body, handcrafted items, home interiors, repurposed furniture, children’s gifts and toys and a dog boutique are some of the boutiques shoppers can visit.

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