There are alternatives to finding the best match for weight loss

Published on Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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Lisa Hawkins Lynn
Health Coach

Lisa Hawkins Lynn

Health Coach


I have had some clients who understand the importance of six small meals a day, but others who cannot, due to their schedule, follow that routine. We know this can work but if the plan isn't followed it won't work.

I began to research other ways to lose weight quickly and safely without having to change eating patterns. I didn't say without changing unhealthy eating habits, just eating habits/patterns that could either stand alone or coincide with what we are doing now. 

I have found an alternative. I have friends who have had tremendous success with a product called Plexus Slim. I decided, after seeing the pictures of a friend who has lost many inches and pounds in a few weeks, that I should check it out more thoroughly.

I decided to become an ambassador for Plexus Slim – drinking the plexus mixed with water (natural appetite suppressant) each morning before breakfast plus taking the Accelerator pill to boost the metabolism. Other products are offered to ensure a healthy lifestyle to aid in your weight loss journey.

If you aren’t participating in a weight loss program, I think this would be a great start. If you are on another program and have reached a plateau, this could be a wonderful addition though doing both isn't necessary. Most importantly, if your program has worked beautifully for you, stick with it, please.

I'm trying to find an alternative for the easiest and best way to get you to your desired weight. 

Contact me if you are having a hard time staying motivated or getting started. You can be successful. I know you can do it.

Summer is upon us and bathing suit weather is here. Are we ready?

Happy Wednesday!

Lisa Hawkins Lynn
[email protected] 



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