Blue Ridge Latin students win 2nd place
MAR 31, 2014

Students who competed and won second place overall in the South Carolina Junior Classicial League competition are left to right: Sarah Lefever (11th grade), Jordan Grissop (10th), Brock Cooper (9th), MecKenzie Whittier (10th), Kelli Pentecost (11th), Amber Hampton (11th), Judson Snyder ( 10th), Jake Wilson (11th), Skye Hill (10th), Marc Western (11th), Miles Johnson (10th), David Dunlap (9th), and Charles Williams (12th).
Sarah Lefever (11th grade), Jordan Grissop (10th grade), Brock Cooper (9th grade), MecKenzie Whittier (10th grade), Kelli Pentecost (11th grade), Amber Hampton (11th grade), Judson Snyder ( 10th grade), Jake Wilson (11th grade), Skye Hill (10th grade), Marc Western (11th grade), Miles Johnson (10th grade), David Dunlap (9th grade), and Charles Williams (12th grade).

By Jim Westcot

Thirteen Latin students won second place in the overall sweepsteaks in the Spring Forum of the South Carolina Junior Classical League competition on March 22. It is only the third year of the existence of the league at Blue Ridge.

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Greer leaders' thoughts on BMW's $1 billion expansion
MAR 29, 2014

Left to right: Rep. Tommy Stringer, Ken Harper, Countybank, Ed Driggers, City Administrator, and Mayor Rick Danner.

Landmark announcement

Photo gallery

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Crowley, Williams receive Principals of Year awards
MAR 27, 2014

Riverside’s Eric Williams was honored Friday night in Greenville as the South Carolina Middle School Principal of the Year selected by the South Carolina Parents Teachers Association (SC PTA).

Principals at Riverside High School and Riverside Middle School were honored Friday night in Greenville as the South Carolina Principal of the Year for their respective grades. They were selected by the South Carolina Parents Teachers Association.

Andy Crowley, principal at Riverside High School, and Eric Williams, principal at Riverside Middle School received their awards at the Greenville Regency Hotel.

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RMS student creates art projects with eye to the future
MAR 27, 2014

Brian Ramirez Antonio enjoys building art projects with his dad. His career goal is to become an artist.

RMS students Brian Ramirez Antonio is a sixth-grade student at Riverside Middle School who wants to be an artist when he grows up. He enjoys checking out library books on a wide variety of topics to get ideas for his creations that he enjoys building with his dad.

The castle that Brian built was his most difficult project because he said it was hard to cut and fit everything together. Among his works on display are, "Greek Amphitheater," "Medieval Amphitheater," "Knight’s Helmet," "Christmas House" and "Trojan Horse."

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Nall earns academic scholarship to North Greenville
MAR 27, 2014

Rolland Nall
Greer High School

Rolland Nall, a senior at Greer High School, has been awarded the Foothills Scholarship by North Greenville University. He was chosen to receive the scholarship on the basis of his academic achievement, school, church, and community involvement.

Nall was an offensive standout for the Greer football team. He was selected to the All-Region 3 AAA team and played for the North All-Stars in the state's North-South game last December.

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Washington Center to celebrate first 'Spirit Day'
MAR 27, 2014

Washington Center student Caleb Massey is ready to put on his running shoes to “pay it forward” with Team Flash for the school’s first annual Spirit Day.

Students in Kim Skipper's class are preparing for the first ever "Pay It Forward" Spirit Day on April 4 at the Washington Center.

Each class has come up with a team name and painted a banner during art class. Ms. Skipper's class chose to be Team Flash, "because they are fast as lightning.

On Spirit Day, students will participate in a marathon by doing 13 laps around the gym.

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'Greer Goes Global' goes indoors on Saturday
MAR 26, 2014

Updated at 11:45 a.m. Friday

"Greer Goes Global" will held indoors on the second floor at Greer City Hall Saturday from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. The festival is free and food vendors wil be selling food and beverages.

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RMS math students celebrate "pi" day
MAR 19, 2014

RMS math students celebrate

Students in the 7th-grade math classes of Mrs. Burroughs, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Parker and Mr. Raymond celebrated "pi" day with a variety of activities. They created a word wall of words that contain the letters "pi," completed a crossword puzzle, made a "pi" skyline, watched a video, conducted "pi" and pie surveys using ActivExpressions, viewed "pi" humor, and, of course, ate a lot of pie.

iMove 5k Run/Walk is May 3

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Washington Center at Hollis students study dinosaurs
MAR 19, 2014

Washington Center at Hollis student Eliah Peart is pictured with his dinosaur project during Cayce Campbell's class unit.

Cayce Campbell's Washington Center at Hollis class has been learning about dinosaurs. They have taken several picture walks through books such as "Dazzle the Dinosaur" by Marcus Pfister and "Dinosaur Roar."

The students used a voice output device to distinguish between a big dinosaur and a little dinosaur. The class discussed the word "paleontologist," which is a scientist who studies dinosaurs. Students have pretended to be a paleontologist as they created several dinosaur fossil.

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2014 Blue Ridge Foothills and Wade Hampton Taylors queens
MAR 19, 2014

Left to right: Angel Garcia (Miss Blue Ridge Foothills Teen), Madison Barrett (Miss Blue Ridge Foothills), Emily Galphin (Miss Wade Hampton Taylors), and Maddie Styles (Miss Wade Hampton Taylors Teen).

The 2014 Blue Ridge Foothills and Wade Hampton Miss and Teen pageant winners were in Columbia recently for a workshop leading into this summer’s Miss South Carolina pageant.

The winners are:

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3 BJU students earn first place for public service campaign
MAR 17, 2014

Andrea Sanford

Andrea Sanford, Kristyn Barrett and Joel Whited, students at Bob Jones University, were awarded first place for their Public Service Campaign at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System’s 74th Annual International School/College Radio/Webcast Conference awards ceremony in New York City.

Sanford is a 2014 journalism and mass communication graduate from Greenville, Barrett is a senior journalism and mass communication major from Greer, and Whited, is a sophomore journalism and mass communication major from Lima, Ohio

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Greer's Greene to coach girls South all-stars next Saturday
MAR 15, 2014

Greer Girls Basketball Coach Carlton will coach the North girls all-star team Saturday.

Greer girls basketball coach Carlton Greene will coach the North all-stars March 22 in the North-South game at Lexington High School. Southside’s Lamont Wakefield will be an assistant coach.

Ross Mathis of Blue Ridge High School will play for the North team.

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Sugar Ray Leonard keynote speaker for GHS' Minority Summit
MAR 15, 2014

Sugar Ray Leonard will be the keynote speaker at the Greenville Health System's Minority Health Summit on April 12.

Boxing icon Sugar Ray Leonard is the keynote speaker for Greenville Health System’s 8th annual Minority Health Summit themed “Knock Out Cancer!”.

Leonard, a holder of five weight class championships in his prime and prostate cancer advocate, will speak at the Saturday April 12 event from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the TD Convention Center. Leonard won a gold medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

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Chandler Creek Afterschool kids rewarded with books, games
MAR 13, 2014

Lauren Mason, a 4th grade teacher at Chandler Creek, distributes books to the children Thursday.

Children in the Communities in School Afterschool Program at Chandler Creek had a party Thursday afternoon.

They were rewarded with books, played math bingo for prizes and had a food reception for the success they have achieved from weeks of tutoring by the Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Alpha Chapter, a teacher’s society in Greer.

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Community Spirit Fest is March 27
MAR 12, 2014

Community Spirit Fest is March 27

Riverside Middle School will host Riverside Royals Community Spirit Fest March 27 in conjunction with Spirit Week and the Fun Run from 5-7:30 p.m. Activities include the Anne Frank Exhibit, RMS Band Performance, and the RMS soccer, softball, and baseball teams play against Northwood Middle School. Some of Greenville’s finest eateries and local community services will be featured as well. 

iMOVE 5k Run/Walk will be May 3

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Riverside gets Panthers' game pants with grant
MAR 11, 2014

Jerseys like the ones displayed in the cubicle are among $50,000 of uniforms, game and practice, donated to 16 high schools in the Carolinas.



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Washington Center at Hollis' students study dental health
MAR 11, 2014

Washington Center at Hollis student Evan Nivens brushes his teeth after breakfast, with some help from Para-Educator Aly Malone.

The students in Mrs. Petrusick's class at the Washington Center at Hollis learned all about dental health and keeping a healthy smile by participating in brushing their teeth after every meal, learning to make healthy snack choices and reading books about teeth. 

The students painted with their toothbrushes and counted how many teeth everyone in the class had. 

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Students write apology to dissected frogs
MAR 10, 2014

Dylan Tate, left, and Ryan Young teamed up to dissect

Students at Riverside Middle School have issued written apologies to the frogs they dissected.

Dear Freddy the Frog,

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Riverside Speech and Debate wins 3rd straight state title
MAR 7, 2014

Riverside was so dominant, all 47 members of the state championship team won individual trophies this season, winning over 500 break rounds and trophies.

The Riverside High School Speech and Debate team won the 2014 state championship, its third straight, and coach David Dejesa is the AAAA Coach of the Year.

The team had 10 first place and three second place finishes.

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Driverless shuttle makes rounds with self-sufficient, 24-hour capability
MAR 5, 2014

A touch screen display illustrates the stops for the driverless vehicle on the course mapped by GPS. Users can summon the shuttle with their smart phones.  

A driverless shuttle made a brief appearance at the Cottages at Brushy Creek last week to introduce engineers, businessmen and the public to the testing of Induct’s Navia 100 – an all electric vehicle.

A touch screen display illustrates the stops on the course mapped by GPS. Users can summon the shuttle with their smart phones.  Navia has zero emissions, can travel at 12.5 mph and carry up to eight passengers. It is fully electric and recharged by induction – using magnetic fields – without the need for cables or human intervention, allowing it to be self-sufficient and run 24 hours a day.

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