A Christmas Story: Guya still making her Santa list

By Garrett Mitchell, Staff Reporter
Published on Saturday, December 5, 2015

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Guya Diedhio's favorite Christmas present ever is a

Garrett Mitchell

Guya Diedhio's favorite Christmas present ever is a "Castle tent".


Guya Diedhio, 8, loves the holidays and all of the yummy food that comes with it.

She knows exactly what her favorite Christmas meal is.

"Chicken is my favorite," she said.

Just like all of us sometimes, Guya isn't quite sure what she would like for Santa to bring her for Christmas.

Guya is certain about the best present she's ever received, however.

"A castle tent," said Guya. "It's like a castle that you can go into."

Merry Christmas, Guya. I'll tell Santa to bring you some awesome presents this year.

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2– Vivian Bariedo.

3 – Dell Brockman

4  - Sydney Prange



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