Dittmar challenges GCM board to develop long-range plan

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Craig Dittmar is still four months away from celebrating his first anniversary as executive director of Greer Community Ministries. Until then, Dittmar can expect last-minute phone calls and e-mails reminding him of annual fundraisers and events routinely attended by GCM.

Dittmar offered a challenge to GCM’s board members at its meeting Monday night. “My primary goal is long-range,” Dittmar said. “I challenged the board to look ahead what they see the in the Ministry in the next five years. I feel like we’re moving ahead and making progress.”

Big Thursday failed to meet its goal, $100,000, for the second straight year and Dittmar is making plans to incorporate fresh ideas, attract young families and seek higher value auction items next year.

“In the past I understand we had cars donated. I hope to get larger ticket items and we want to know what people want,” Dittmar said. Electronics and tools were the best-selling items at Big Thursday.

“One of the things that impressed me about Big Thursday was that people were so dedicated. People stepped up and their contributions were heart felt,” Dittmar said. An example that impressed Dittmar was Apalache Church sending a bus loaded with casseroles to Fairview Baptist Church, the site of Big Thursday. “There were just as many desserts that were unloaded.”

Dittmar compared the week as a time-lapse photograph. “We started with nothing and by the time Big Thursday began every table and room was packed.  The support is so broad for Greer. It’s all the communities coming together as one,” Dittmar said. 

“We view ourselves as a ministry. We are faith-based, a 501c community non-profit and we want to feed as many people as we can. Everything we receive we give back,” Dittmar said.
GCM’s mission is to provide Meals on Wheels, senior dining, food pantry and a clothing closet.

The cost of a meal is $3, for a week $15, month $60 and year $800, Dittmar said. A meal consists of a meat, vegetable, starch and dessert. Meals On Wheels set a national standard for meals for communities as a guide.

The December, and final project of the year for GCM, is a Christmas card mailed to all donors. Individuals and businesses will be asked to consider contributing unused monies for fiscal 2011 to GCM.

To make a donation or want more information, visit Greer Community Ministries at 738 S. Line Street Extension, http://greercommunityministries.org, or call 877-1176. Business hours are Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. 


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