Foul weather has a tendency to lessen weight loss enthusiasm

Published on Thursday, March 27, 2014

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Lisa Hawkins Lynn
Health Coach

Lisa Hawkins Lynn

Health Coach


March is days from being over, goodness, cold weather and all. I know that weather can play a role when you are trying to get motivated to lose weight or anything else. It certainly does for me.

If you are on track and/staying on track, wonderful, please shoot me a quick reply to let me know. If you are struggling to get started again or to stay on track, call me or shoot me a quick email to say, "help, call me". I'm more than happy to. I can't help you if I don't know that you are having any difficulties or can't celebrate your successes.

I would love to see some after pictures since we all know that "seeing is believing" so don't be shy and send them.

I have loved following the success of Jonathan Weaver, local Spartanburg person on Facebook who shares his incredible loss – a total of 260 pounds in two years. His coach is a good friend of mine and like her, we're proud of all our clients’ accomplishments, but you have to be thrilled for this young man cause “Take Share for Life” has changed his life dramatically.

Let's not only kiss cold weather goodbye, but unwanted weight as well. And welcome new motivation that comes with our spring weather and a new healthier, skinnier spring time you.


Health Coach





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