Have a goal? Then write it down!

Published on Thursday, October 10, 2013

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Lisa Hawkins Lynn is a health coach and be followed here.

Lisa Hawkins Lynn is a health coach and be followed here.

Happy Thursday,

Just a quick note to check in on you to see how this week is going. One of the most important ways to keep yourself going with this plan is to set your goal. Surely you have an idea what size you want to be. How much weight you need to lose to get to that size or get off those medications?

Then write it down when you see the number on paper and then compare it to what you are seeing on the scale. Go for it each week until the numbers coincide. When you see the scales moving downward and clothing sizes going down you are in the process of reaching that goal.

I still get excited about my weight loss/stability after two years of starting the program Oct 23. 2011 and you will too! What are you waiting on . . . write it down!

• After reading a great book on Goals, I wanted to share an excerpt by author Gary Ryan Blair.

Rule #3: Write Your Goals.

Written goals are catalysts, transforming agents for success and achievement. Yet like umbrellas and pens, unwritten goals almost always end in loss.

You will achieve far greater and more consistent results when you take the time to write down your goals. Writing goals sets off a chain of events that allows you and others to see and evaluate your goals so that you can develop plans to achieve them.

Have a great rest of the week and weekend. let me hear from you. How close are you to your goal?



Lisa Hawkins Lynn is a Health Coach. Follow Lisa here and email her with your health questions.


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