Miss Greer Teen's theatre debut in 'Hairspray'

Published on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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2012 Miss Greater Greer Teen Sydney Sill reflects on her past two weeks and her upcoming performance in

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2012 Miss Greater Greer Teen Sydney Sill reflects on her past two weeks and her upcoming performance in "Hairspray", with performances Friday through Sunday the next three weekends. Sydney poses at a post-pageant party at The Davenport.


2012 Miss Greater Greer Teen Sydney Sill has had a non-stop schedule since the week she competed in the Greer pageant. Sydney talked with GreerToday.com between her ride from Byrnes to Greer for “Hairspray” rehearsals. She was upbeat, laughing and looking forward to performing in her first theatre production outside of school. Sydney was the second runner-up (Miss Lyman) in the 2011 Miss South Carolina Teen competition. She will compete in the 2012 Miss South Carolina pageant July 10-14 in Columbia.

Q: You played a big role in the Miss Byrnes High School pageant last weekend. What did you do?

A: I danced and opened the casual wear and evening gown competition.

Q: What dances did you perform and what was your music?

A: My dances are modern/contemporary. My opening number was to Vogue by Madonna, I did a jazz dance with my friend, Mitchell Smith, and then a number to music by Adele.

Q: I’m guessing dancing is in your future?

A: Most definitely.

Q: What did you wear?

A: I wore black shorts and a black shirt with a little beading for my dances. I opened the casual wear competition in a black and blue sequin costume and wore a silver sparkling dress for evening gown.

Q: “Hairspray” opens Friday for a three-week run in Greer. You have been quite busy since winning the 2012 Miss Greater Greer Teen title. What has your life been like the past two weeks?

A: It’s been crazy. I haven’t had an opportunity to make appearances but we’re scheduling them to begin right after “Hairspray”. I had practice for my dances and the Miss Byrnes pageant and also rehearsals for “Hairspray” last week.  Last Saturday we rehearsed “Hairspray” 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and then we had the Miss Byrnes pageant. We’re rehearsing 5-10 p.m. this week for “Hairspray”.

Q: What do you play in ?Hairspray”?

A: I play Tammy as a Council member on the Corny Collins Show. Tammy is ditzy and likes to hog the camera.

Q: Is Tammy anything like Sydney?

A: No. Nothing like her. Tammy talks back and I don’t do that. But it’s nice to play someone who you’re not.

Q: Do you sing?

A: I don’t do solos. We sing throughout the show in ensembles.

Q: What does Tammy look like?

A: Tammy wears her hair big like in the 50s and a lot of eyeliner. The dresses are big and puffy and spread out wide.

Q: Do you enjoy theatre?

A: This is my first play outside of school. I did all the plays in school growing up like Alice in Wonderland when I was younger. I was in theatre in the 9th grade and enjoyed that.

Q: You’ve done a lot of public appearances and talent competitions. Do you get nervous when you are performing?

A: Right before the scene it’s nerve-racking. Once you’re on stage and performing you just do it.

Q: With everything you are doing, how do you cope with the demands on your time?

A: There hasn’t been much time for me since the pageant. I get my time to study but when I put my head on the pillow at night, it’s lights out!

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