Resident asks for squirrel hunting season in city

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tom Chapman point blank asked Greer City Council to relax its ordinance of discharging a firearm in the city  – specifically a rifle – long enough so he could go squirrel hunting. That is, to take dead aim on the squirrels that he says is creating havoc with his pecan trees.

“The squirrels are eating me up and I can't do anything about it,” Chapman told council. “They are eating the small pecan buds and ruining my trees. I've been a pecan farmer for fifty years. Generations of my family have kept the trees and grounds clean. They probably ate $2,000 of nuts.”

Council members asked Chapman to clarify specifically what he was asking. “You want to shoot your gun,” Wryley Bettis asked.

“You want to shoot your gun and take care of your problems,” was Jay Arrowood’s follow question.
“I’m just throwing it out there,” Chapman said.

Bettis and Chapman exchanged quips on trapping the squirrels. Bettis said he's trapped squirrels in the past and Chapman responded saying there were too many to trap on his 27-acre property.

Chapman said he's got marksmanship skills shooting squirrels. “I could reach out there and touch them from 500 yards,” Chapman said. “I want to walk out there without any interference from neighbors. I will shoot low to the ground or up in the tree.”

The problem, according to Chapman, began when the city annexed his property into the city. “There were some shenanigans going on during annexation,” Chapman said. “I was never approached and then one day I had two trash cans in front of my house.”

Chapman, who describes himself as a “very cordial guy,” invited council to get all the pecans they wanted. I won’t charge a nickel. I want to get them cleaned up.”

“I would love to get this resolved, get on my back porch and take care of things,” Chapman said.

Surprisingly, council didn't dismiss Chapman's request.

“We will take it under advisement and if there's further discussion we will schedule another meeting,” Mayor Rick Danner told Chapman.

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