Yep! That's a 20-foot skeleton you see

Published on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Yep! That's a 20-foot skeleton you see

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Some people just know how to bring Halloween front and center. This 20-foot skeleton (yes, it is a 20-foot skeleton) in Taylors will certainly get your attention. His blinking green eyes are an added touch.

 But that wasn’t enough for the couple who put together the skeleton, they then added a scary cemetery scene, with a witch in a swing as  an added touch.

 Driving around neighborhoods, it appears that a lot of people are decorating for Halloween this year.

 Take a ride one evening through some Upstate neighborhoods. You might be surprised at how many scenes you see … and you also might be scared! But I bet you will see only one 20-foot skeleton!



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