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Inching closer: SCIP vs. Nordic Cold Storage
MAR 13, 2013

The South Carolina State Ports Authority’s (SPA) $35 million inland port in Greer is inching closer to include vs. in its moniker as in – SCSPA vs. Nordic Cold Storage, LLC.

The SPA came out with its heavy artillery today ­– issuing a formal statement, a proclamation and resolution – explaining why it is pursuing the power of eminent domain to end a lease with 11 years remaining with the storage company.

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Resolution to Initiate Condemnation
MAR 13, 2013



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SCIP: Nordic Cold Storage Presentation
MAR 13, 2013

This is the South Carolina State Ports Authority presentation in regards to th Nordic Cold Storage Facility.

Nordic Cold Storage Facility – Greer, SC

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Warehouse standoff throws wrench in inland port progress
MAR 13, 2013

Nordic Cold Storage, background, has reportedly 11 years remaining on its 30-year lease with the South Carolina State Ports Authority (SPA).  The Authority is threatening to use the power of eminent domain to end a lease.

The South Carolina State Ports Authority (SPA) is threatening to use the power of eminent domain to end a lease with a storage company that is refusing to leave on property planned for a $35 million inland port in Greer.

The Charleston Post and Courier reported the SPA needs property leased by Nordic Cold Storage, headquartered in Atlanta, a warehouse that operates on three acres of property near the middle of the planned inland port. 

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Inland port to have nearly 1.5 miles of new railroad tracks
MAR 12, 2013

The rail spur in front of a South Carolina Port Authority warehouse is being removed since it's no longer needed. The warehouse, background, has been demolished.

When the work of Norfolk & Southern is completed at the South Carolina Inland Port (SCIP) in Greer, it will consist of 2,600-feet of working tracks to the railroad’s mail line, plus 5,200 feet of storage tracks with room for future expansions.

One rail spur has been removed in front of the South Carolina Ports Authority (SCPA) warehouse that was demolished last week. A second spur remains intact that leads to Nordic, a cool-storage facility that is used by Blue Bell ice cream. It will soon be demolished.

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GSP negotiating long-term land lease with CPW
MAR 12, 2013

The GSP Airport Commission approved Monday the negotiation with Greer Commission of Public Works (CPW) to lease up to five acres of District property for an electrical substation, plus additional property for a transmission line corridor.

Commissioners authorized Dave Edwards, President and CEO of the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport District, to negotiate and finalize the agreement. CPW’s long-term lease would be 10 percent ($2,850) of the sales value of ($28,500) per acre.

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Warehouse demolished, its tracks removed
MAR 8, 2013

A storage warehouse at the Inland Port in Greer was the first building demolished since the groundbreaking on March 1.

Railroad tracks were pulled up, a warehouse demolished and grading continued in the first full week of activity since groundbreaking March 1 at the site of the Inland Port in Greer.

A warehouse on the port property was demolished and cleared this week with railroad tracks serviced by Norfolk & Southern removed that led to the storage building. The foundation is scheduled to be taken up next week.

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Inland port, GSP improvement project signal good times ahead
MAR 4, 2013

Hal Johnson is the president and chief executive officer of the Upstate SC Alliance.

By Hal Johnson

The Upstate SC Alliance had a great year in 2012, as did the Upstate of South Carolina. Those are not exclusive statements. And to be honest, we think 2013 is going to be even better.

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Coast to coast comments on Greer's inland port
MAR 4, 2013

This is some reaction from business leaders from the greater Greer area and around the state on the significance of the South Carolina Inland Port.

“There have been a lot of trains come and go on this track since that maiden trip 130 years ago, but none will be more significant than the first one to pull into and out of this port later this year.”

Rick Danner

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Mayor Danner shares Greer's enthusiasm for inland port
MAR 1, 2013

U. S. Sen. Lindsey Graham and Mayor Rick Danner chat after the groundbreaking ceremonies for the South Carolina Inland Port in Greer.

Greer Mayor Rick Danner's remarks at the South Carolina Inland Port groundbreaking ceremony.


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'Historic' day in Greer with groundbreaking for inland port
MAR 1, 2013



That’s the label Greer Mayor Rick Danner put on today’s groundbreaking ceremonies at the $35 million Inland Port that is being constructed on East Poinsett Street.

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