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Port's cranes will be named by Greer elementary students
OCT 30, 2013

The three rubber tiered gantry cranes and two empty handlers will be identified by names that will be given to them from Greer Elementary students. The cranes are identified now by numbers 15, 16, and 17.

Greer elementary students have been given a tall task. They have been asked to name the three rubber tiered gantry (RTG) cranes and two empty handlers at the South Carolina Inland Port in Greer.

The winning names will be painted on the cranes.

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CPW is tobacco free workplace; Port project nears end
OCT 28, 2013

CPW has installed the lights on GSP Logistics Parkway.

CPW properties and vehicles are tobacco-free. Greer Commission Board of Directors unanimously approved (3-0) the tobacco free workplace at Monday’s monthly meeting.

The utility company reported it’s finalizing work at the Inland Port in Greer with electrical underground cables and installation of light poles on GSP Logistics Parkway, the road entering the port from J. Verne Smith/Hwy. 80. Additional cables have been set anticipating the port’s pending expansion.

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Historic day! Inland Port makes Greer intermodal global player
OCT 25, 2013

This is the first cargo container, previously brought into the Inland Port at Greer via truck, to be loaded on a railcar headed to the Port of Charleston for export.

• Gallery of firsts

At 10:59 a.m. the first cargo container was lifted from the South Carolina Inland Port at Greer onto a Norfolk Southern railcar for its journey to the Port of Charleston, the nation's fourth busiest container port.

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Gov. Haley makes port of call in Greer
OCT 23, 2013

Gov. Nikki Haley and Jim Newsome, S.C. Ports Authority CEO, made a quick trip to Greer for a walk-through of the Inland Port facilities.

Gov. Nikki Haley made a Greer port of call to see South Carolina’s newest economic engine.

Under cloudless blue skies with gusty winds swirling dirt at times, the backdrop couldn’t have been any more extraordinary. A Norfolk Southern train passing the port drowned out part of Haley’s 17-minute appearance.  Idling cranes created a constant buzz. Trucks in construction and delivering containers were constantly in motion.

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Gov. Haley will see different landscape at Inland Port Wednesday
OCT 22, 2013

This photo of the South Carolina Inland Port was taken last Tuesday. All the elements – operations buildings, cranes, railroad tracks and road leading into the facility – are visible.

Gov. Nikki Haley will be in Greer Wednesday morning for a brief walk-through of the South Carolina Inland Port operations with S.C. Ports Authority CEO Jim Newsome.

The price tag for the port has climbed to $50 million. An additional $2.7 million was approved last week by the SCPA board of directors to raise the SCSPA commitment to $42.6 million. Norfolk Southern’s cost is fixed at $7.5 million. The increased costs were attributed to weather delays ­­– more than 45 rain days were recorded this summer – and on-site topography adjustments.

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Closure to former port entrance off Hwy. 290 has some drivers confused
OCT 14, 2013

The entrance to the Inland Port on Hwy. 29/East Poinsett Street was closed over the weekend. Trucks are temporarily steered to Dobson Shed Road.

The East Poinsett Street (Hwy. 290) temporary entrance to the South Carolina Inland Port in Greer is closed.

All traffic entering the port is being rerouted to Dobson Shed Road, off of Hwy. 80. That is short term until GSP Logistics Parkway is completed with signage and landscaping.

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Inland Port postpones testing with cargo until Oct. 21
OCT 10, 2013

This overview from the J. Verne Smith Parkway shows the Inland Port with the Norfolk Southern mainline to the far left. The concrete supports the three cranes and the loading and unloading of containers. The support buildings and canopy for incoming/outgoing trucks is to the left.

Updated: Oct. 11, 5:04 p.m.

The South Carolina Port Authority has postponed testing with cargo at the Inland Port in Greer until Monday, Oct. 21. The announcement was made late today without comment from SCPA officials.

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Port roads are taking shape, cargo is not far behind
OCT 3, 2013

This photo shows the exit lane being prepared for the laying of 9 1/2 inches of concrete to accommodate the weight of the containers entering the port.

Roads entering the South Carolina Inland Port in Greer are taking shape and that means the entrance off Hwy. 290 is nearer to being closed. 

Inland Port traffic will enter the port  by exiting J. Verne Smith Parkway (Hwy. 80) onto GSP Logistics Parkway. After a short distance, all incoming traffic will bear right, and pass through a security checkpoint onto International Commerce Way, the South Carolina Port Authority road.

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