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It's the law: City clears roads not sidewalks
JAN 26, 2016

There should be no more confusion on who is responsible for sidewalk snow/ice removal at businesses and the penalty incurred for being non-compliance.

Jason Clark, owner of BIN112 and Strip Club 104 A Steak House, on Trade and Poinsett streets, respectively summed it up in laymen terms. “The city’s responsibility is to clear the road so emergency vehicles can get out first and then the public. If you own a business, it’s the owner’s responsibility.”

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Greenville, most Spartanburg county schools closed Monday
JAN 24, 2016

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Most churches cancel services, warmer day forecast
JAN 24, 2016

Tanner Stevens and Brynn made a snowman at City Park welcoming visitors to the winter wonderland.

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Most churches have cancelled or curtailed services Sunday as roads in the upstate remained icy overnight from snow and ice that fell across greater Greer this weekend.

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Moore is remembered in first home game since his death
JAN 20, 2016

Family and friends of Nathan Moore wear T-shirts in his honor. Moore, 18, died at home last Wednesday.

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The “Friday Night Lights” slogan that was on Nathan Moore’s Instagram page Tuesday night was all across the Greer High School basketball gym in his honor.

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Mary Grace Nasim crowned Miss Greater Greer, Berkley Bryant wins Miss Teen
JAN 17, 2016

Mary Grace Nasim won the Miss Greater Greer title.  Berkley Bryant won Miss Greater Greer Teen.

Mary Grace Nasim, a graduate of Wade Hampton High, won the 2016 Miss Greater Greer title.

Berkley Bryant, a student at T.L. Hannah High school, won the 2016 Miss Greater Greer Teen.

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Pain, Sorrow overshadowed with celebration of life
JAN 15, 2016

Nathan Moore's death reminded us how fragile life is.

Time ticked away on the scoreboard Thursday night.

Moments after the zeroes flashed on the clock, Greer Head Coach Greg Miller bee-lined toward his young daughter, sweeping her up in his arms and holding her because in this game scores didn’t matter.

Daughters mattered. Sons mattered. Brothers mattered. Friends and rivals mattered in a standing-room only gym at Blue Ridge High School. There were no “we” and “them.” Not this time. This time, there was only “us.”


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Brother's basket triggered emotional memorial
JAN 15, 2016

Tracy Moore wears the No. 11 jersey worn by her son, Nathan, who died Tuesday, during a tribute before Greer's basketball game at Blue Ridge High School.

It came from downtown.

Kyle Moore let a 3-pointer fly from just beyond the key. As it whispered through the net, a packed gymnasium at Blue Ridge High School erupted – the home stands as well as the visitors side.

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Tribute for Moore precedes game at Blue Ridge, brother will start
JAN 14, 2016

A tribute will be held tonight before the Greer basketball game at Blue Ridge. Game time is 7:30 p.m.

A tribute to honor Nathan Taylor Moore will be held before the Greer High School boys basketball game at Blue Ridge High School tonight at 7:30.

Moore, 18, a senior, was found dead in his bed at 6 p.m. Tuesday.

Kyle Moore, the younger brother of Nathan, will be in the starting lineup. The game clock will pause when Greer scores its 11th point in honor of Nathan Moore, who wore No. 11.

Greer players and spectators will also wear black as a tribute to Nathan Moore.


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Greer High basketball player found dead in his bed
JAN 13, 2016

Nathan Moore, a senior at Greer High School, was found dead at his home Tuesday evening.

High School boys senior basketball player Nathan Tyler Moore was found dead in his bed Tuesday.

“He was very caring, always smiling, made friends easily and was a friend to different people,” Athletic Director Travis Perry said. “He loved everybody and everybody loved him. He was a very popular student-athlete.”

Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger said his office pronounced Moore dead at 6 p.m. Tuesday at his home in Greer. The death is being investigated by the Spartanburg County Coroner and Sheriff offices.

Moore reportedly was sick and preliminary examination showed no sign of foul play. Cause of death is still pending.

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Tuten, former college, NFL coach, joins Greer staff
JAN 8, 2016

Rich Tuten, former NFL and college strength and conditioning coach, has joined Greer High School in the same capacity.

Rich Tuten, one of the most respected and successful strength and conditioning coaches in college and the NFL, has been hired as an assistant coach at Greer High School.

Tuten, a former Clemson nose guard (1976-78), begins his adjunct position in February.

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Drummond using AAU program to develop Greer players
JAN 7, 2016

Greer girls coach Mazzie Drummond has benefitted with his players participating in AAU basketball during the summer.

Mazzie Drummond's dream to turn Greer High School into a girls basketball powerhouse was already taking shape before he was named the team's head coach.

Through the establishment of an AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball program in the Greer community, Drummond has been able to develop players that are now fueling a pipeline of talent into the Lady Yellow Jackets' program.

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Greer Principal Marion Waters announces retirement
JAN 6, 2016

Greer High School Principal Marion Waters with his family at a football game at Dooley Field.

Greer High School Principal Marion Waters has announced his retirement effective at the end of the 2015-2016 school year.

Waters taught AP U.S. History at Greer High School in 1974 and coached football, basketball, baseball, track & field and baseball. He began his administrative tenure in 1984 as assistant principal, became principal at Greer Middle School in 1986 and returned to Greer High in 1994 as principal. “I am celebrating (45) years of public education,” Waters said.

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