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Girls tennis players build relationships at workouts
JUN 28, 2012

Tennis players from Greer, Riverside, Greenville and Wade Hampton practiced together this week to develop friendships and face different opposition.

Greer, Wade Hampton, Greenville, and Riverside high school tennis teams practiced together this week. Current and prospective members of the four teams played between 6 – 8 p.m. Monday through Wednesday.

Planned practices today and Friday were cancelled because the heat index was expected to be too high. A school trainer advised coaches the heat would be too severe to hold practices.

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Greer players deliver inspirational message to youth
JUN 21, 2012

Greer High School football coaches conducted a camp last Friday at Dooley Field for 1st – 6th grades as Yellow Jackets players gave tips from what they learned through the years.

Head Coach Will Young and Athletic Director and football defensive coordinator Travis Perry provided supervision of the camp. The camp is in partnership with the Greer City Parks and Recreation Department. The recreation coaches had their own camp later in the day.

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Greer First Baptist sharing ministry with Cincinnati youths
JUN 19, 2012

Jackson Tipton shares his testimony with Kori on Monday during the Greer First Baptist Summer mission trip in Cincinnati. GFB is visiting a parent church and participating in Vacation Bible School and other activities with youths in the community.

Jackson Tipton was among the youth ministry giving testimony to their faith Monday during Greer First Baptist’s summer mission trip to a parent church in Cincinnati. Over 30 Greer adults and youth are participating in the one-week ministry.

The group will attend Vacation Bible School with area Cincinnati youth, ages 5-12, in surrounding communities who normally wouldn’t attend the summer program. Tipton and GFB visitors will participate in VBS activities such as arts and crafts and offer testimony to their faith.

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13 students get grants from Greer Education Foundation
JUN 12, 2012

Timothy Bright, a graduate of Greer High School, received a $500 BMW scholarship for continuing studies in welding at Greenville Technical College. Bunny Richardson of BMW presented the grant.

The Greater Greer Education Foundation (GGEF) has awarded scholarships to 13 Greer area graduates.  At a news conference Tuesday at the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce, Foundation Chairman Margaret Burch presented certificates to the students.

The scholarships are made possible by funds from the September 2011 Education Gala and local sponsorships. 

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CSI: Camp gave students valuable primer behind the scenes
JUN 10, 2012

Greer Police Chief Reynolds presents Dakota Fitzgerald a certificate for completing the weeklong inaugural CSI: Day Camp presented by the Greer Police Department. Angie Childers, Vice President of the Greer Police Alumni, was the camp's instructor.

The Greer Police Department, hosts of the weeklong CSI: Day Camp, saved the best for last on Friday.

James McDonald, criminal justice adjunct instructor, has taught forensics for seven years at Greenville Technical College. He emphasized the importance of properly collecting evidence and analyzing it in the forensic lab.

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Kelly has a big day targeting his receivers
JUN 8, 2012

Greer defenders go high to tip a pass away from its target.

Quarterback Emmanuel Kelly took aim on taking over Greer’s offense today with a superb performance during the Greer 7-on-7 passing tournament.

Kelly alternated most of the day with Josh Gentry with each playing wide receiver when the other quarterbacked.

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Nasty fistfights break out between Greer and Greenville in tournament
JUN 8, 2012

Greer's Quez Nesbitt is escorted from the Greer practice fields after repeatedly defending his actions in a free-for-all between Greer and Greenville players today.

Nasty fistfights broke out today between host Greer High School and its rival Greenville HS at the 7-on-7 passing tournament at the Greer practice fields. Both teams had to be separated by each school’s coaching staffs and volunteers. Coaches from other fields also rushed to help stop the fights.

No injuries were reported, the scrimmage between the teams was stopped and Quez Nesbitt was banished from the field by Greer Head Coach Will Young.

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Greer hosts 7-on-7 competition, features talented skill players
JUN 7, 2012

Greer’s Yellow Jackets begin their summer tour of 7-on-7 competitions hosting a home event Friday at Greer High School practice fields.

The nine-team field includes Greenville, Woodmont, Wade Hampton, J.L. Mann, T.L. Hanna, Southside, Southside Christian and Berea. Games begin at 9 a.m. with the last set at 2:05 p.m.

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Seeing an officer tased is unnerving
JUN 7, 2012

Austin Decker pours casting material for a shoe impression during today's CSI: Camp at the Greer Police Department.

Being tased when resisting arrest is not unheard of; however, being tased in a conference room is incomprehensible to me.

I witnessed Officer Clay Anderson, a rookie with the Greer Police Department, receive 0.036 volts of energy today as he was tased in the mid-back area (video below). In comparison to the 120 volts you would receive from a wall outlet a taser seems like a walk in the park, at least that’s what I thought until I observed what I feel to be an outrage.

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Collecting fingerprints is an art
JUN 6, 2012

Dakota Fitzgerald gets fingerprinted by Tyler Pearson at the Greer Police Department's CSI: Camp today. Dakota can verify that television's portrayal of collecting prints and analyzing them is somewhat exaggerated.

The tedious act of collecting and analyzing data in a crime lab can be quite interesting, especially when dealing with fingerprints.

Fingerprints are intricate and unique from person to person, containing endless information. Today’s session allotted time to learn the art of collecting fingerprints with the use of our new fingerprinting kits.

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Analyzing glass evidence tells a distinct story
JUN 5, 2012

Dakota Fitzgerald is writing a daily blog on the Greer Police Department's CSI Day Camp. Dakota, who will attend Winthrop University in the fall, writes about the fine art of analyzing glass.

Hello all! Day two of CSI Camp has commenced and what a day we had.

Now that we are all past the first day jitters we were able to dive into today’s topic, documenting the crime scene and collecting the evidence, with a splash. The topic was fun-filled and packed with juicy information, quenching my thirst for crime scene investigating.

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There's a process to investigating a crime scene
JUN 5, 2012

Dakota Fitzgerald, a Greer High School graduate, is writing a daily blog during her week at the Greer Police Department's CSI Day Camp.

Dakota Fitzgerald is a Greer High School graduate and will attend Winthrop University to pursue a mass communications degree. Dakota is attending the CSI Crime Camp conducted by the Greer Police Department. She will get a look at forensics and work done at crime scenes by police department specialists. She will participate in practical exercises in crime scene processing, fingerprinting, methods of developing latent prints and shoe impressions. This is Dakota’s report on Monday’s class.

By Dakota Fitzgerald

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Congratulations to the 2012 graduates of Greer High School
JUN 1, 2012

Congratulations to the 2012 graduates of Greer High School

Congratulations to the 2012 graduates of Greer High School

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