CPW's enhanced vehicle tracking system in pilot program

Published on Monday, August 27, 2012

Brian Forrester, IT specialist for CPW, introduced commissioners for the Greer Commission of Public Works, to Track Star, a pilot vehicle tracking system it expects to fold into its operation. The presentation was part of the CPW’s monthly public meeting.

It will enhance the tracking system now in place, Forrester said. “Track Star will have five seconds delay updating the system, which makes its virtually on-time." The system will be a  component of the mobile system that gives dispatch and supervisors “at-a-glance” information about crew locations, availabilities and proximity to calls for service.

Managers will be better equipped to measure the efficiency of fleet operations, adjust to increase efficiencies and determine the effectiveness of those adjustments.

• A net loss of $6,820 is expected for July, according to CPW. The utility reported net revenue for July was $177,299 before recording revenue from capital contributions.  

• Days with cash on hand has fallen seven days, to 117.6. The previous report recorded 124.9 days of cash on hand.

• CPW reported consumption increases in its utilities:

Water 12.3 percent,

Electric 18.6 percent.

Gas 40.7 percent

Sewer 15.3 percent.

Project updates:

• Highway 101 at I-85: The pump station on BMW property is waiting for emergency pumps and a panel, expected any day, to complete the project.

• 17th Street sewer: A deluge of rain collapsed a old manhole constructed as part of the Victor Mill system and it was replaced. The line backed up again with debris and brick mortar from the collapsed manhole. A portion of the road at Hwy. 101 will have to be repaved.

• Canteen and Tremont streets: The project is mostly finished, pending any further problems. CPW is scheduled to finish this week. Sidewalks and paving show where improvements were made.

• Greystone Cottages: One of CPW’s bigger residential expansions recently, 111 single-family units, is nearly finished. Greystone has 43 units in one phase, 47 more another phase and 21 additional. Windward is one of the three phases but all are part of the same project.

• Compressed Natural Gas Fast Fill Station: CPW told commissioners the island, where equipment will be located, may be moved more toward the outside of the area to allow for future expansion. No decision has been made to date.

• Drought monitor: The Greer area has been upgraded between moderate and abnormally dry – the usual status for this time of year. CPW told commissioners the latest rains have helped keep Lake Cunningham levels normal.



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