'Dynamite's' nickname personified his spirit

By Jim Fair, Editor
Published on Friday, March 16, 2012

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Brandon Debaron Talley died Wednesday of compiications from sickle cell anemia. He was affectionately known in the Greer community as

Brandon Debaron Talley died Wednesday of compiications from sickle cell anemia. He was affectionately known in the Greer community as "Dynamite".

Today is Brandon “Dynamite” Talley’s 27th birthday.

Tony Tipton received a phone call at sunrise Thursday informing him that “Dynamite” had died hours earlier of complications from sickle cell anemia.

“Dynamite” was the name affectionately given to Talley by former Greer football coach Stuart Holcombe. It would the only name a lot of the Greer athletic family and community would know.

Tipton was asked what “Dynamite’s” birth name was and he couldn’t recall. “That’s the only name I’ve ever called him,” Tipton said. That it was a stretch for Tipton was unusual since he is a former Greer quarterback, has been an active supporter of the athletic program through the years and his son, Jackson, plays football and runs track.

Tipton, reaching into the depths of Facebook and his resources found Brandon Talley’s name connected to “Dynamite”.

Holcombe, the Principal of J. Harley Bonds Career Center, paused frequently as he talked about “Dynamite” and how he came up with the moniker.

“He expressed an interest in being a manager for the football team,” Holcombe recalled. “He was a tiny fella with an infectious smile.  He always had a smile and was thoroughly energized. I said something like ‘you’re so full of energy that you’re like a little stick of dynamite.’”

The name stuck and with it came a love story between the Greer community and “Dynamite”.

Sgt. Chad Richardson, former Greer School Resource Officer, reminisced about “Dynamite’s” nickname.  “I always called him “Dynamite” since I first met him and never questioned how he got his nickname. It absolutely fits. He was always full of energy. If he was just walking up the bleachers at Dooley Field saying hi to people he was always enthusiastic.”

“A lot of kids choose not to play football. He loved his school and wanted to be a part of football. The players loved him,” Holcombe said. “It makes coaching a little easier too, when you’re hot and tired and (“Dynamite”) is picking up equipment, running up and down the field spotting the footballs and catching the balls. The kids saw that and probably thought, ‘if he can do it, then I can do it.”

Holcombe said “Dynamite” would not ask for relief during practices. “To be faced with what he had (sickle cell anemia) and have the attitude and keep a positive disposition was special.

“His way of looking at life was to pull himself up and do something with it,” Holcombe said.

The Gilmore Mortuary in Greer is handling funeral arrangements, which are pending.

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Brandon 'Dynamite' Talley


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