New book highlights Y Camp Greenville

Published on Thursday, August 30, 2012

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New book highlights Y Camp Greenville
A new book about a Greenville landmark -- Y Camp Greenville -- is out. 

"High Atop the Blue Ridge: Celebrating 100 Years of Residential Camping" has just been published by the YMCA of Greenville. The book is an overview of the history and the essence of this legendary camp on Standing Stone Mountain at the northern edge of Greenville County. “This book shows why the Camp Greenville experience has made such an impact on those who stay there,” said Scot Baddley, YMCA of Greenville president and CEO.

“You only turn 100 once. So, creating a book of photos and memories of Camp Greenville was the appropriate thing to do,” said Rick Burris, executive director of Y Camp Greenville. “We wanted to commemorate this very important milestone in a special way. We believe that the campers and the many fans of Camp will enjoy it very much.”

Written records and thousands of photographs were reviewed in preparation for the layout. “We could have easily created a vast series of volumes based on the photos alone,” according to Burris. “It was challenging to make a meaningful selection for an affordably sized book.” 

Camp Greenville board members and other volunteers went through over 60 banker boxes of photos, mostly unlabeled and undated, to assist the designer with a selection of the most usable and meaningful images. “Many of the photos and slides had to be painstakingly cleaned to be preserved and included in this book,” said Burris. “We are very proud of the result.”

The book is available at www.campgreenvillebook.org and will be unveiled at a book launch at the Falls Park River Lodge shelter in downtown Greenville on Wednesday, Sept. 5, from 4:30-6 p.m. 

Camp fans are encouraged to wear a favorite Camp lavaliere, beanie or T-shirt or bring Camp memorabilia from their days at Camp. 


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