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Greer leaders' thoughts on BMW's $1 billion expansion
MAR 29, 2014

Left to right: Rep. Tommy Stringer, Ken Harper, Countybank, Ed Driggers, City Administrator, and Mayor Rick Danner.

Landmark announcement

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$1 billion, X7, 800 jobs is BMW announcement heard around the world
MAR 28, 2014

The $1 billion investment will mean 800 more jobs, 450,000 capacity a year by 2016 and production of the X4 begins for July exports. The X7 SAV is a high-end vehicle of the future. Left to right: Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the board for BMW Group,  U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Penny Pritzker, South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley, Nikki Haley, BMW Group Board member for Production, Harald Krüger, and President of BMW Manufacturing in Greer, Manfred Erlacher.

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Economic impact

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Study: $16.6 billion is BMW annual impact in South Carolina
MAR 28, 2014

A new study just released by the Moore School of Business at the University of South Carolina, reports that the BMW Group has a $16.6 billion annual impact on the state economy. Its presence in South Carolina supports more than 30,000 jobs throughout the state.

The study found that for every job created at the Greer plant, an additional three jobs are created elsewhere in South Carolina through the economic multiplier effect.

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BMW to present more big news for Greer. Watch it live
MAR 28, 2014

BMW is scheduled to announce that the X7, a full-sized SAV, will be built in Greer. A 675,000 square-foot body shop will be part of the company's expansion that is expected to produce 400,000 vehicles a year.

 Click here to watch 1 p.m. announcement

A new BMW model, X7, confirmed by Sen. Lindsey Graham, and additional significant expansion is scheduled to be announced Friday at 1 p.m. by BMW Group at the Greer manufacturing plant.

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Inland Port receives Economic Development Impact Award
MAR 28, 2014

Containers, empty and occupied, form a wall between the rubber tiered gantry cranes. Empty containers may be stacked eight high and filled containers are limited to seven.

The SC Inland Port (SCIP) in Greer received the Economic Development Impact Award at the Upstate Alliance's annual meeting.

The annual award recognizes a public or private sector project that strengthens the Upstate business climate and enhances the area's marketability to prospective industry, resulting in an overall positive impact to the economic development efforts of the region.

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Greer Fire Department is celebrating centennial anniversary
MAR 26, 2014

Fire Department Captains wait their turn to present the 2013 annual report to City Council Tuesday.

The Greer Fire Department is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2014 with a specially designed badge.

Greer’s fire department was organized Nov. 1, 1914 after the city put in a citywide water system. The first fire chief of record was Mack Fowler. The first fire truck was bought in 1919.

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BMW officials give clues to next week's announcement in Greer
MAR 19, 2014

Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW, presented an aggressive plan for sales and growth Monday  in Munich. He will be in Greer next Friday to make a significant economic and product announcement.

BMW officials are expected to announce substantially increased vehicle production and possibly another expansion at the Greer manufacturing plant next week. The expansion would include hundreds of more jobs.

Greer’s Inland Port could also benefit from the increased Norfolk Southern rail traffic and the BMW warehouse adjacent to the port could also be affected by the announcement.

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Delays at railroad crossings, port landscape modifications noted
MAR 4, 2014

City Councilman Jay Arrowood said landscaping along Moore Street was to include a berm that would obstruct the view of the tracks at street level (left) and thus help reduce some noise.

The Inland Port has some unfinished landscaping along Moore Street and Norfolk Southern trains are causing longer than planned delays at city crossings, according to city staff and a city council member.

City Councilman Jay Arrowood first spoke out on these two topics more than a ago to, at the time the nearly $50 million South Carolina Port Authority (SCPA) declared the port complete and operational with a grand opening in Greer. City Administrator Ed Driggers addressed those two topics at last Tuesday’s council meeting, confirming Arrowood’s concerns.

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Weather advisories close Charleston port, Greer remains open
JAN 27, 2014

The Greer Inland Port will be closed noon Tuesday until 1 p.m. Wednesday because of predicted severe weather. 

Due to predicted severe winter weather, South Carolina Ports Authority facilities in Charleston are closed until Tuesday at noon. The Greer Inland Port will remain open Tuesday, according to a port authority official.

An advisory by the SCPA on Monday evening reported all facilities would be closed Today. Michael Hoffman, Terminal Manager for the Greer Inland Port, said it will be business as usual Tuesday.

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Norfolk Southern's call set Inland Port in action mode
JAN 24, 2014

Wick Moorman, Norfolk Southern CEO, made a bold phone call last January to Jim Newsome, President/CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority.

Fast forward one year later to Friday’s invitation only party that included guests Gov. Nikki Haley, Sen. Lindsey Graham, political leaders, and business and industry decision makers. The celebration was for the $50 million Inland Port that began receiving containers 7.5 months after the March 1 groundbreaking.

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Haley, Graham to highlight ceremony at Inland Port
JAN 24, 2014

Sen. Lindsey Graham is due at the Inland Port in Greer this afternoon for a ceremony. Graham was guest speaker with Sen. Tim Scott Thursday night at the Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce's annual banquet at the Embassy Suites in Greenville.

A Norfolk Southern inspection train will arrive at the Greer Inland Port this afternoon delivering Gov. Nikki Haley and Sen. Lindsey Graham among others in a review of the $50 million project that broke ground only 11 months ago.

Jim Newsome, President and CEO of the South Carolina Ports Authority and Wick Moorman, Chairman, President and CEO of Norfolk Southern, will join state and port officials and customers served by the South Carolina Inland Port.

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Mayor Danner, Person of the Year, is 'All in' for Greer
JAN 3, 2014

Greer Mayor Rick Danner entertained the Board of Directors for Dalian Chamber of Commerce in Jinzhou New District.

History will record 2013 as a landmark year for Greer. The city vaulted into an era of prosperity and promise unmatched since the economic boom of 2006-2007.

While BMW Manufacturing was the impetus for residential, commercial and business growth during that period, the City of Greer is the fuse that ignited a second explosion of growth for 2014 that includes residential (more than 1,000 new homes next two years), intermodal transportation (Inland Port), industrial and manufacturing (Michelin, Mitsubishi Polyester Film and BMW), commercial (Kohl’s opening, Belk upfit and restaurants (IHOP, Cook-Out). And more businesses are coming to downtown Greer, including at least two more restaurants.

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Craneous Maximus named for third RTG crane
DEC 23, 2013

Craneous Maximus, selected by fifth grader Fermin Redondo of Crestview Elementary School, is the final name selected for the third rubber-tired gantry crane at the Greer Inland Port.

The students earned their schools $500 and they each were awarded a plaque commemorating their achievements. The names will be painted on the cranes.

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Inland Port working on punch list, container traffic growing
DEC 12, 2013

Container traffic at the Inland Port is increasing daily. There were about 1,000 containers on site Wednesday. Containers on the left are imports and the right are exports.

The Greer Inland Port is working through its punch list as container traffic continues to become more frequent. There were a reported 1,000 containers on site Wednesday.

The South Carolina Port Authority has invested $50 million, which had groundbreaking on March 1 and opened for business on Oct. 15.  The nearly 100-acre site required a massive amount of grading – 950,000 cubic yards. There were 180,000 square yards – 40 acres – of concrete poured.

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'Atlas': Ashley Sell gives Port crane a mighty, worldly name
DEC 9, 2013

Ashley Sell of Woodland Elementary School is announced as winner of naming a crane at the Greer inland port. Michael Hoffman, Terminal Manager, South Carolina Inland Port, joined Ashley on the Morning Show.

Ashley Sell didn’t have any idea why she was asked to report to Woodland Elementary School’s TV studio for the Morning Show.

Minutes after 8 a.m. the entire school did. Michael Hoffman, Terminal Manager, South Carolina Inland Port, presented Ashley with a plaque commemorating her naming one of three cranes “Atlas”.

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Grrrr will greet import and export containers from all over the world
NOV 26, 2013

Levi Turner, third grader at Chandler Creek Elementary School, swats at the air as he reacts to learning his school earned $500 from the South Carolina Port Authority for his naming a crane Grrrr. That name will be painted on one of the three cranes at the Inland Port in Greer.

Levi Turner thought an appropriate name for one of the three cranes at the Inland Port should be Grrrr (with 4 r’s).

So did the South Carolina Port Authority in choosing Levi’s entry as the first winner announced for the “Name the Cranes” contest. Levi won a plaque recognizing his suggestion and Chandler Creek Elementary won $500. Names for two other cranes and two empty handlers will be announced later.

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Economic prospects in Greer parallel Inland Port's arrival
NOV 12, 2013

A truck enters the inland port Tuesday from Dobson Road. Trucks will now enter the port on GSP Logistics Parkway and onto International Commerce Way.

As the South Carolina Inland Port was announcing the beginning of regular service for all ocean carriers and clients today, Greer Economic Development Executive Director Reno Deaton was illustrating its impact on Greer to City Council.

The first regular departure from Charleston to Greer was Tuesday, with the start of regular arrivals and departures at SCIP on Wednesday. The Greer port has spent nearly a month finessing all facets of the transportation facility.

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Port's cranes will be named by Greer elementary students
OCT 30, 2013

The three rubber tiered gantry cranes and two empty handlers will be identified by names that will be given to them from Greer Elementary students. The cranes are identified now by numbers 15, 16, and 17.

Greer elementary students have been given a tall task. They have been asked to name the three rubber tiered gantry (RTG) cranes and two empty handlers at the South Carolina Inland Port in Greer.

The winning names will be painted on the cranes.

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CPW is tobacco free workplace; Port project nears end
OCT 28, 2013

CPW has installed the lights on GSP Logistics Parkway.

CPW properties and vehicles are tobacco-free. Greer Commission Board of Directors unanimously approved (3-0) the tobacco free workplace at Monday’s monthly meeting.

The utility company reported it’s finalizing work at the Inland Port in Greer with electrical underground cables and installation of light poles on GSP Logistics Parkway, the road entering the port from J. Verne Smith/Hwy. 80. Additional cables have been set anticipating the port’s pending expansion.


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Historic day! Inland Port makes Greer intermodal global player
OCT 25, 2013

This is the first cargo container, previously brought into the Inland Port at Greer via truck, to be loaded on a railcar headed to the Port of Charleston for export.

• Gallery of firsts

At 10:59 a.m. the first cargo container was lifted from the South Carolina Inland Port at Greer onto a Norfolk Southern railcar for its journey to the Port of Charleston, the nation's fourth busiest container port.

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