Restaurants open on Christmas Day
DEC 21, 2014

Two greater Greer restaurant groups – Ovation Brands and Denny's – will have their restaurants open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day throughout the U.S.A.

Ovation Brands, headquartered in Greer, will have all its buffet-style restaurants open until 3:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve and 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. on Christmas Day. Ryan's, Fire Mountain, HomeTown Buffet, Country Buffet and Old Country Buffet will all offer a Christmas Day menu featuring oven roasted rotisserie-style turkey breast, honey glazed baked ham and carved roast beef.

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Police make sure a lot of children have a happy Christmas
DEC 20, 2014

A little girl couldn't believe her good fortune to be able to select whatever gifts she wanted at Cop for Tots Saturday at the Cannon Centre.
The home page photo shows Lt. Marcus Kelley with a child in his arms getting ready to begin a fun-filled shopping spree. Julie McCombs captured the tender moment.

About 300 happy and smiling children left the Cannon Centre with bags and armfuls of toys and stuffed animals Saturday.

The Greer Police Department, aided by donations of money, toys and bikes, enjoyed its annual Cops for Tots distribution. There were about 100 more children on the list compared to last year.

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Joys of Christmas: Tradition and Santa perfect match for Jackson
DEC 19, 2014

Jackson had one of the

Last year we went to one of the Advent services at church and traditionally they do communion at each advent service. Typically Jackson had not taken communion but I decided to let him do it. The next time we went to the Advent service he whispered to me and said, “Mommy, are we going to take a break?”

I said a 'break' and he said, “grape juice and crackers” and then it dawned on me what he was saying and was talking about communion.

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Postman wins Hawaii vacation on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'
DEC 19, 2014

This photo was taken in September when Greer postman Chris Brown appeared on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' with Stephanie and her son, Eli, 11 months.

Greer letter carrier Chris Brown won a vacation in Hawaii and two roundtrip airline tickets today on the final edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show’s “12 Days of Giving”.

Brown came to the rescue of Eli Cooper, an infant, last August, who was suffocating, by clearing a plastic wrapper embedded in the child’s air passage. Brown works out of the Greer Post Office and was delivering a package at the residence when the mother, Stephanie, frantically screamed for help.

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Joys of Christmas: Hudson Hopper scored points with Santa
DEC 19, 2014

Hudson Hopper pays a visit to Santa Claus.

Hudson was 6-years-old last Christmas. It was the perfect age for him to still believe in the magic and innocence of Santa Claus, yet begin to understand the real reason we have to celebrate our Savior born as a baby in a manger.

Hudson visited Santa in downtown Greer and asked for a basketball goal. The “Big Guy” of course, delivered on his promise. Hudson was elated to find the surprise in our driveway Christmas morning.

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Review: 'Exodus' delivers visual effects, reimagines God as a vengeful child
DEC 18, 2014

• Exodus Trailer


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Inland Port nearly 50 percent ahead of plan in fiscal year
DEC 17, 2014

The inland port handled 3,972 rail moves in November. The 21,686 lifts completed fiscal year to date has the facility nearly 50 percent ahead of plan, according to the South Carolina Ports Authority.

The Inland Port in Greer is 47 percent ahead of plan, according to the South Carolina Ports Authority.

The SCPA reported Thursday at its monthly board meeting the inland port handled 3,972 rail moves in November. The 21,686 lifts completed fiscal year to date has the facility nearly 50 percent ahead.

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Thieves aren't particular, they will take your gifts wrapped or not
DEC 17, 2014

An invitation for thieves: an unlocked vehicle with wrapped presents in the back seat.

Tis the season for thieves to be holiday shopping for vehicles with Christmas merchandise visible for all to see.

Did you know it takes less than one minute for a thief to break a car window and steal the goods? That, according to Greer Police Captain Matt Hamby and a catalog of statistics, compiled by insurance companies.

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Hilley joins Greer State Bank at Clemson location
DEC 17, 2014

Lamar Hilley has been hired by Greer State Bank at the company's newly constructed office at Town Center in Patrick Square in Clemson. He is the Community Relationship Manager.

Lamar Hilley has been hired by Greer State Bank at the company's newly constructed office at Town Center in Patrick Square in Clemson. He is the Community Relationship Manager.

Hilley joins Art Wray, VP and Mortgage Loan Officer at the Clemson location.

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Joys of Christmas: Brayden's request was music to G-Daddy's ears
DEC 17, 2014

Brayden Michael Winslow points to a Christmas tree that needs some decorating.

A quick flashback to early December 2013.

"Brayden, what do you wish Santa to deliver for you at G-Daddy’s for Christmas?” I asked.

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Greer Relief reports $7,000 profit from Christmas parade
DEC 16, 2014

• Photo gallery.

Greer Relief reported it earned $7,000 as host of the Greer Christmas Parade.

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Roper Mountain Holiday Lights is family-friendly for disabled, too
DEC 16, 2014

Kim, Madelyn and David Wooten enjoyed a photo opportunity in the sleigh.


Roper Mountain Holiday Lights is another excellent family-friendly activity.

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GSP offers travelers online survey to suggest best airport experiences
DEC 16, 2014

GSP International Airport is asking the community, business and leisure travelers, to participate in an online survey to provide the best possible airport experience to the expanding region.

“It’s better if you know the community you serve and can make it better for them as passengers and consumers,” said GSP spokesperson Rosylin Weston.

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Fireside reading of 'A Christmas Carol' is Thursday
DEC 16, 2014

A fireside reading of the Charles Dickens classic,

A fireside reading of the Charles Dickens classic, "A Christmas Carol," will be held Thursday, Dec. 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the Stomping Grounds in downtown Greer.

Keith Challenger, a British-born author, speaker and entrepreneur, reintroduces the timeless story of Scrooge and friends. Challenger will tell the story of 19th century London in period costume and with special sound effects.

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Heroic postman returns to "Ellen DeGeneres Show" with a heavy heart
DEC 16, 2014

Chris Brown enters the

Chris Brown is returning to the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" this week with a heavy heart.

The Greer letter carrier, who was nationally acclaimed as a hero for saving an infant's life on his route in August, lost his nephew in a horrific crash last month in Anderson.

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Piedmont Natural Gas passing on gas savings to customers
DEC 16, 2014

Piedmont Natural Gas has filed for reductions in its natural gas sales rates for customers in South Carolina and North Carolina.

Last week's filings before both the North Carolina Utilities Commission and the Public Service Commission of South Carolina reflect declines in the company's wholesale natural gas costs, which are passed through to customers on a dollar for dollar basis.  

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Declining family values attributed to sharp increase in violent crime, says Johnny Mack Brown
DEC 15, 2014

Former U.S. Marshal and Greenville County Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown was the keynote speaker for North Greenville University’s December commencement exercises on Dec. 11. Brown received an honorary doctor of Christian leadership degree from the school.

Former U.S. Marshal and Greenville County Sheriff Johnny Mack Brown told the assembled graduates at North Greenville University's fall commencement service, last Thursday, that he’s often asked what accounts for the sharp increase in crime, especially the increase in violent crimes in our society today. 

Brown said that the decline of family values is the major contributor.

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Joys of Christmas: Ruby's entertainment was outside the box
DEC 13, 2014

On the home page: An empty toy box captured Ruby's attention after opening lots of presents during Christmas 2013, as a one-year-old.

My daughter was 1 last Christmas and my favorite image of that holiday season is a photo of Ruby with an empty Fisher-Price box. It captured a common Christmas experience. She had just opened lots of presents, but there she was in the kitchen entertained by an empty box.

However, she got the meaning of the holiday. We celebrated at my mother-in-law's house, and Ruby really enjoyed her time with cousins. They live more than 5 hours away and we don't see them often, except for FaceTime. She constantly followed her 3-year-old cousin around and gave lots of hugs.


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Joys of Christmas: Tanner's first experiences etch memories forever
DEC 13, 2014

Scott and Tanner sitting near the Christmas tree watching our toy train go around and around.



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Emerson, 6, makes Greer Police Department's day
DEC 12, 2014

Emerson Dingus, 6, is contributing two of her favorite stuffed animals to the Greer Police Department to share with children so they can have a

Emerson Dingus made the Greer Police Department’s day.

The 6-year-old Lyman Cinderella Tot visited the Greer police department Friday to deliver 35 bags packed with stuffed animals for one purpose – each will become a “Pal” to a child in distress from a house fire, domestic situations, vehicle accidents or traumatic events where emergency agencies respond.

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