DOWNTOWN GREER From December 2015


Abbott's opening Jan. 8 on East Poinsett
DEC 29, 2015

Abbott's signage on East Poinsett Street marks the first franchise in the Carolinas and Georgia of the frozen custard shop.

Abbott’s Frozen Custard will open downtown Friday, Jan.  at 119 East Poinsett Street. It’s the first franchise in the Carolinas and Georgia.

Owner Mark Khoury has renovated the former Dixie Shoe Shop into the custard store with a contemporary design. Windows have replaced the side brick wall to create a view into the alley that will serve as a common area with outside seating and tables with umbrellas.

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BIN112 selected No. 1 restaurant in S.C.
DEC 22, 2015

BIN112 is selected No. 1 overall restaurant in S.C. Follows by one year Jason Clark as Upstate Restaurateur of the Year.

BIN112 is the best overall restaurant in South Carolina, according to OpenTable, a national hospitality industry company that analyzes diner reviews.

Jason Clark is chef and partner of the fine dining restaurant at 112 Trade Street. BIN112 is ranked ahead of seven coastal restaurants, in the top 10.

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4th graders set up shop downtown to benefit Salvation Army
DEC 22, 2015

Jackson Suber, left, and Brady Brown have set up JB's Arts & Crafts, a holiday enterprise, outside the Stomping Grounds at 208 Trade Street.

A pair of fourth graders is making the most of their holidays making arts and crafts to benefit the Salvation Army.

Jackson Suber and Brady Brown, both 9-years-old, have been stationed outside the Stomping Grounds at 208 Trade Street the past two days making different shapes and sizes of multicolored sand jars and beaded necklaces. Prices range $5 and under.

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'It's Mommy!' Soldier home from Kuwait surprises daughter
DEC 18, 2015

Ryann Hoffhaus, 3, peeks through the wrapping to see what big present awaits her.

Ryann Hoffhaus, 3, peeled back the wrapping on a 6 ½-foot tall box in the corner of Wild Ace Pizza and Pub.

Nodding her head Ryann ripped the package open at her eye level, peeked inside and yelled, “It’s Mommy!”

Sgt. Cecilia Hoffhaus reached for her daughter, gave her a tight hug and a big kiss on the cheek. “I dreamed about this for days,” Hoffhaus said Friday.


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'Shopping from a wheelchair is a nightmare'
DEC 17, 2015

Author Kim Wooten shows the difficulty shopping, even without the shoulder-to-shoulder crowds that accompany holiday shoppers.

Long lines and crowded stores can come as a headache to some shoppers. However, Christmastime brings challenges to shoppers with disabilities.

“There's music and moving lights and large crowds and it's just difficult to maneuver anywhere," stated Carol Kaufman-Scarborough, a professor of marketing at the Rutgers School of Business-Camden. 

Kaufman-Scarborough has studied consumers with disabilities since 1995 and has found that most consumer research failed to consider customers with mobility issues ­– such as those having to shop from a wheelchair – as well as people with hearing, vision and cognitive impairments.


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Greer CPW has new hours effective Jan. 4
DEC 16, 2015

Greer CPW has new hours effective Jan. 4

The Greer Commission of Public Works is changing its office hours at its 301 McCall Street office to accommodate customers based on its daily visitor volume, according to the utility.

New hours are effective Monday, Jan. 4. They will be Monday through Thursday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

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Blue Ridge Brewing Co. schedules April opening
DEC 16, 2015

The Blue Ridge Brewing Company restaurant will be at 306 Trade Street featuring rooftop dining. The brewery will be in a separate building next door.

The Blue Ridge Brewing Co. in Greer is scheduled to open in April, according to owner Bob Hiller. It will feature a full-scale brewery next door.

“I don’t like opening restaurants in winter and the Greer rooftop is so important to us we feel pretty confident that we can be open in the first or second week of April,” Hiller told GreerToday.com.

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Hightower to host harmonica workshop
DEC 8, 2015

Max Hightower will host a harmonica workshop on Dec. 20 at Rhythm & Brews at 213 Trade Street.

A young and adult workshop will be held with children 5-13 years old at 2-2:45 p.m. and adults from 2-2:45 p.m. The youth session is $10 and adults is $25.

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Christmas parade in a word: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
DEC 7, 2015

What can be better than waving to Santa Claus and enjoying cotton candy during a parade?

The Greer Christmas Parade put an exclamation point on the weekend’s Christ in Greer activities.

“We had perfect weather, people came out early which was great, we had a larger group (92) of entries and Santa was feeling good this year speaking and walking with the crowd, Caroline Robertson, Executive Director of Greer Relief, and the organizing non-profit for the third consecutive year.

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Gee will be at Christmas Parade, 90 entries announced
DEC 2, 2015


More than 90 entries have been announced for Sunday's Greer Christmas Parade.

The star of the annual parade, titled An International Christmas, is typically Santa Claus. Santa will have some extra help this year.

Lonnie “Gee” McGee will be at the parade taking his usual place leading the Greer High School Marching Band.



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