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ABC Pelham offering holiday breads, catering to go or delivered
NOV 25, 2013

ABC Pelham is a member of the Greenville and Greater Greer Chamber of Commerce. Email Jackie or call 864-627-1301 between 7 a.m. – 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Sunday. The store, at 4100 Pelham Road, is closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Holiday breads are available daily at the Atlanta Bread Company at Pelham. The breads, nine varieties and special ordered, are baked fresh with no preservatives.

“We can present them in a loaf or sliced with a nice wrap and bow, or place the slices on a catering tray,” Jackie, of Pelham ABC, said. “People are ordering these as gifts for colleagues, family, friends.”

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Julie: My holiday turkey stands its best chance as the centerpiece
NOV 21, 2013

Jason Clark, owner/chef of BIN112, demonstrates


By Julie McCombs
Food Editor 

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'Give A Shuck' pays it forward for the caring of a favorite son
NOV 20, 2013

The inaugural

Diane Christofferson, downtown Greer merchants and at least a half dozen celebrity shuckers will be hosting the final “Give A Shuck” night of 2013 Thursday at 6:30 at the Great Bay Oyster House.

Two previous “Give A Shuck” nights, held the third Thursday of the month, have been so successful it has turned into a fundraising event that keeps on giving in Greer. Proceeds from tips for celebrity shuckers and a percent of total food sales benefit three charities in rotation. Thursday’s charity is theSoup Kitchen. Greer Relief received $980 for the September event and Greer Community Ministries earned double that amount in October.

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Merle State Hunger Walk is Sunday, benefits Soup Kitchen
NOV 19, 2013

The Merle State Hunger Walk is Sunday at 2 p.m. at Memorial United Methodist Church, 201 N. Main Street.

The approximately one-mile walk begins at the church and ends at the Greer Soup Kitchen, 521 East Poinsett Street. It is a dog-friendly event.

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GCM Dining program has openings for senior adults
NOV 19, 2013

The Greer Community Ministries (GCM) Senior Dining program has openings for senior adults 62 and older.

Seniors meet Monday through Friday at GCM, 738 S. Line St. Ext. at 10 a.m. for fellowship, entertainment and a free lunch. Transportation is available within six miles of the ministry.

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Ryan's testing pie program for holidays
NOV 16, 2013

Ryan's is launching a holiday pie program at participating restaurants. Apple, pumpkin and pecan pies can be ordered at picked up at the designated restaurants.

Ryan’s is testing a pie program for the holidays where customers, at select restaurants, can order apple, pumpkin and pecan pies.

The pies from the Ryan’s Maple Street Bake Shop are priced at $8.99 for apple and $7.99 for pumpkin or pecan. Two pies can be ordered for $15 or three pies for $20. All prices exclude tax. Pies may be ordered online, at stores or via telephone with the local restaurant. All pies may be picked up at the Ryan’s location designated during the time of the reservation.

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Holiday strategies for weight loss
NOV 15, 2013

Lisa Hawkins Lynn is a health coach and can be followed here.

Dr. Wayne Anderson, co-Founder of TSFL and medical director of Medifast sent this message to all his coaches to share with clients for the upcoming holidays, just in time. 

Well, Thanksgiving will soon be here, and that starts the season of holiday get togethers. Candy at the office, more lunches and dinners out, more traveling for some and vacations and of course, more stress than normal.

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Grandma's Chicken Soup is an old-fashioned recipe served with a hug
NOV 14, 2013

When I was little, my grandmother loved to make chicken soup to ease cold and flu symptoms. I couldn’t smell the delicious broth, but it sure felt good going down.
Julie McCombs
Food Editor, GreerToday.com

When I was little, my grandmother loved to make chicken soup to ease cold and flu symptoms. I couldn’t smell the delicious broth, but it sure felt good going down. I did some research to see if grandma’s soups and tea remedies had magical healing powers or if it was just the wonderful hugs she gave as she wrapped me in my favorite blanket.

Chicken soup does actually help clear nasal clogging. Salmon stew helps with omega-3 fatty acids from the salmon, which have an ant-inflammatory effect. Dark greens added to hot vegetable soup are loaded with vitamins A and C and Ginger seems to settle stomachs. Adding these components to your immune systems gives it strength to fight off those nasty winter colds and infections. I have added a few of my favorite recipes that you can make this cold and flu season.

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Martinis and Mistletoe kicks off Festival of the Trees
NOV 13, 2013

Cheryl Childers, from Newtown, Conn., will be a featured guest at Martinis and Mistletoe. She won this year's Wine Label design award.

Martinis and Mistletoe is the official start for the Festival of Trees at the Hyatt Regency in Greenville on Thursday, Dec. 5.

Tickets are $50 per person (host sponsorships $250) with proceeds benefiting the Neonatal Care Center at St. Francis eastside.

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Veterans served a big 'Thank You' from restaurants
NOV 11, 2013

Van Lynn, left, and Clyde Showalter are veterans of the Korean War era. Lynn was a Staff Sergeant in the Air Force, based out of Topeka, Kan., and saw duty in Japan and Korea. Showalter, Pfc. Army, was drafted while working in a mill.

Veterans and active military filled Fatz Café’ today on Wade Hampton Blvd. as the Taylors-headquartered restaurant chain was providing free meals to honor all military on Veterans Day. Restaurants in greater Greer and around the country were offering their thanks to the military on Veterans Day.

Ken Alexander, operating partner of the restaurant at 1361 W. Wade Hampton Blvd., said every table at lunch had representatives of the military. Some were retired from the Korean War, another retired from duty at Langley Air Force Base, Langley, Va., and another who served in the Philippines. All branches were represented and Fatz was among many restaurants offering free meals, appetizers/desserts and discounts.

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Cooking is part of military hero's recipe for recovery
NOV 10, 2013

Cooking is part of military hero's recipe for recovery

• Restaurants honor vets, activie military

Family Features

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Veterans, active military check this list for restaurant specials
NOV 10, 2013

Veterans and active duty military will have a variety of restaurants offering free meals, entrees, appetizers and discounts to honor their service on Veterans Day.

FATZ Café, headquartered in Taylors, will offer free entrees, and Ovations Brands, headquartered in Greer, is offering a discounts on Monday.

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Flour power: Everything was right with Nancy in the kitchen
NOV 7, 2013

Nancy Welch was the main attraction early Thursday morning. She was in the kitchen making her signature

Readers asked GreerToday.com to report on Nancy Welch making her signature “Angel Biscuits” at Big Thursday. Messages received wanted to know how Nancy was doing, is she making as many biscuits as years past, how her stamina was and did she have flour on her face!

Here’s what we saw, heard and photographed early Thursday morning.

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The night before Big Thursday everyone was stirring . . .
NOV 6, 2013

June Hawkins, left, Linda Brown, center, and Patsy Quarles are giving homemade items finishing touches for their display.

The night before Big Thursday there was a lot of stirring in the gymnasium at Fairview Baptist Church.

Volunteers, vendors, organizers and delivery people were organizing the final goods that will be sold and auctioned today at the annual Big Thursday, Greer Community Ministries' biggest fundraiser of the year.

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Wellness Wednesday menu set at St. Francis Allspice Cafe
NOV 6, 2013

Special meals are being offered for Wellness Wednesday at the Allspice Café at Bon Secours St. Francis Health System.

The menu, begun in October, continues with health conscious meals leading into Thanksgiving, which is a huge eating holiday for Americans. The cost is $5.99 including a 20-ounce bottled water. The public is welcome.

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Wersinger, Manaton partner as investment sharecroppers
NOV 6, 2013

Chad Manaton, left, and Jean-Pierre Wersinger show where a greenhouse is being built on property where they began producing local produce for subscription paying customers.

Jean-Pierre Wersinger’s business model, planted in French agriculture, has sprouted in the Greer area.

Wersinger and partner, Chad Manaton, are for a lack of better words, investment sharecroppers. They own Suburban Sharecrop, a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) business that has become a lifestyle for consumers who buy local, seasonal food from a farmer.

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