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Chicken wings consumed will set Super Bowl week record
JAN 30, 2016

The 1.3 billion chicken wings that will be eaten this Super Bowl week is enough to put more than 600 on every seat in all 32 NFL stadiums.

There will be 1.3 billion chicken wings will be eaten next weekend leading up to and during Super Bowl XL.

The Carolina Panthers play the Denver Broncos Feb. 7 for the NFL Championship.

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Cost, time are obstacles to living cancer-protective lives
JAN 29, 2016

Men are much less likely to eat a cancer-protective diet than women: only 18 percent met the

Most Americans aren't making the kind of everyday lifestyle choices that protect against cancer – yet many mistakenly believe they are, according to a national survey released Friday by the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR).

In preparation for National Cancer Prevention Month in February, AICR commissioned a YouGov survey to ask Americans which cancer-protective behaviors they engage in and which they do not. 

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It's the law: City clears roads not sidewalks
JAN 26, 2016

There should be no more confusion on who is responsible for sidewalk snow/ice removal at businesses and the penalty incurred for being non-compliance.

Jason Clark, owner of BIN112 and Strip Club 104 A Steak House, on Trade and Poinsett streets, respectively summed it up in laymen terms. “The city’s responsibility is to clear the road so emergency vehicles can get out first and then the public. If you own a business, it’s the owner’s responsibility.”

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Council welcomes storm comments, none given
JAN 26, 2016

Greer City Council didn't have to spend much time on hearing downtown merchants complaining about the city's snow and ice cleanup last weekend.

No one spoke, merchants or residents, at City Council during public forum or when City Administrator Ed Driggers gave a storm report on the city’s efforts to plow and sand 1,368 miles of city streets.

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Shop owners miffed at ice, snow cleanup; city gives storm response at Council
JAN 25, 2016

Lisa Garland shovels ice from parking places in front of the Stomping Grounds on Trade Street.

Snow and ice removal from downtown streets was the hottest topic at the Stomping Grounds Saturday night. And it continued Monday.

About 50 people from nearby neighborhoods and downtown businesses and apartments gathered Saturday at the Stomping Grounds coffee and wine shop as it was virtually the only business open.

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Lowes Foods taking shape, opening targeted for fall
JAN 20, 2016

Lowes Foods taking shape, opening targeted for fall

Tim Lowe is keynote speaker.

Lowes Foods is beginning to take shape with its opening targeted for the fall.

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Owners rebranding Rhythms On Trade as a music cafe
JAN 16, 2016

Curtis Hanvey is rebranding Rhythms On Trade, as a music cafe and recording studio.

Owners are rebranding a downtown bar into a more Trade Street-friendly environment 

Rhythms On Trade is being rebranded into a music café and live recording studio. Curtis Hanvey who purchased Rhythms and Brews has decided to change the name and feature a variety of music every day except Sunday.

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GSP handles 15 charters, 2,548 passengers headed to championship game
JAN 11, 2016

Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in Greer had a dramatic jump in traffic heading to Phoenix for the Clemson versus Alabama national championship football game.

Clemson fever had a huge impact on Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport in Greer.

Unbeaten Clemson (14-0) plays Alabama (13-1) at 8:30 tonight in Glendale, Ariz., for the college football championship.

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3 reasons you should eat more like your kids
JAN 8, 2016

3 reasons you should eat more like your kids

Family Features

When parents prepare their kids' meals, good-for-you foods like veggies, whole grains and milk are usually on the menu. And while parents encourage healthy eating for their kids at mealtime, they don't always eat the same foods themselves. In fact, a recent report from the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) suggests kids may actually have healthier eating habits than adults. Kids ages 2 to 3 scored highest for diet quality, while adults scored significantly lower, according to the latest Healthy Eating Index research.Look to your kid's plate for a reminder on how you can make better choices and get more of the nutrients you need. Here are three ideas to get you started:

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Abbott's opens Friday with a new taste for Greer
JAN 7, 2016

Madeline Stokes, 7, gets a taste of Abbott's Frozen Custard at a pre-opening party Thursday night.

Mark Khoury was the most excited person at a pre-opening party at Abbott’s Frozen Custard Thursday night.

Khoury, owner of downtown Greer’s newest eatery at 119 E. Poinsett Street, told of his growing up in Rochester, N.Y., with Abbott’s as much a part of his life as the Clock restaurant is to Greer residents past and present.

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Wagner named Tucanos GM
JAN 4, 2016

James Wagner has been hired as general manager at Tuscanos Brazilian Grill.

Tucanos Brazilian Grill has hired a general manager and is now taking applications for its February opening. The restaurant is located next to the Hollywood 20 at Magnolia Park on Woodruff Road.

James Wagner, who has been in the restaurant-hospitality business for more than 10 years, will open the first Tucanos in South Carolina and 10th nationally.

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