Exercise at home, neighborhood are options to keep mind, body sharp

Published on Friday, March 27, 2020

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Exercise at home, neighborhood are options to keep mind, body sharp

Due to business closings, government orders and individuals who have opted to self-quarantine, South Carolina residents are limited to the confines of their homes.

The South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism announced Friday morning that all state parks will be closed from March 28 (Saturday) through April 30.

Greenville and Spartanburg counties have closed its parks programs and activities.

There are several strategies to get the exercise your mind and body needs while remaining aware of COVID-19.

Exercising at home provides the simplest opportunity for keeping in shape during quarantine.

Using home exercise tools like weights, exercise bikes, treadmills or other similar equipment may be helpful, you can do many simple exercises at home without any extra equipment.

Some exercises include classics like push-ups, sit ups, squats and jumping jacks as well as more complex forms like crunches, burpees and Russian twists. If you are unclear how to perform any of these exercises you can easily find clear step-by-step instructions online.

Running, walking or biking are other options. Avoid urban areas while COVID-19 concerns remain, but suburban and rural neighborhoods are safe.

Exercise social distancing of six feet or more when encountering people and avoid touching common surfaces like public doorknobs and anything in public restrooms.

There are opportunities for safe exercise while being cooped up at home.






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