Face mask challenge: Spartanburg Regional needs your help

Published on Friday, March 20, 2020

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Face mask challenge: Spartanburg Regional needs your help
Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System is experiencing increased demand for face masks, goggles, face shields and N95 or similar masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response, Spartanburg Regional is announcing a mask challenge.

Thankfully, we are part of a generous community.

On Friday, Upstate businesses, universities, school districts and large manufacturers began donating masks and other protective gear in support of Spartanburg Regional’s medical team.

Spartanburg Regional maintains a reserve of Personal Protective Equipment, such as face masks, goggles, face shields and N95 masks. Demand has surged dramatically since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, which could further accelerate the need for masks and last for weeks.

“We are living in unprecedented times, but we are so fortunate to live in a community that cares and supports each other. Even though these institutions are dealing with their own challenges, they stepped up to support our doctors, nurses and other frontline caregivers,” Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System CEO Bruce Holstien said. “This equipment will directly support patient care in the weeks and months ahead.”

Spartanburg Regional would like to thank the following organizations for their generous support:

• Bullington Associates

• Converse College

• Spartanburg School District 1

• Spartanburg School District 2

• Spartanburg School District 5

• Spartanburg School District 7

• Spartanburg Methodist College

• Milliken & Co.

• Tietex International

Spartanburg Regional would also like to thank Upstate residents for their continued vigilance in limiting the spread of COVID-19. By staying at home, practicing social distancing, washing your hands and covering your cough, you are helping to protect your families and our caregivers.

If an organization is interested in participating in the mask challenge, please email [email protected].



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