Greer PTSA Senior Scholarship information, Form

Published on Thursday, January 10, 2013

Greer High School Parent Teach Student Association (PTSA)
Senior Scholarship Information and Form – School Year 2012-2013

The Greer High PTSA is sponsoring a financial scholarship for 2012-2013 Greer High School Seniors, who qualify based on the below criteria.

The amount and numbers of scholarships awarded will be determined by the PTSA Board of Directors for the current school year, and is based upon funds available for scholarship, as approved by the Greer High PTSA Board.

The goal of the Greer High PTSA Board is to provide financial support to the Greer High Senior(s) who demonstrate a commitment to the betterment of Greer High School, its PTSA and the Greer community.

Requirements for Application and Award:

1. Applicant/Parent must be a member of the current school year PTSA.

2. Applicant must be a graduating senior and have selected a college/university at which to continue their education.

3. Applicant must complete the application and submit to their Greer High Counselor not later than May 1, 2013.

4. Applicant must provide a complete record of academic achievement for 9th grade through the current semester.

5. Applicant must provide a record of all extracurricular activities involved in during their tenure at Greer High School.

6. Applicant must provide a record of all community service hours provided during their tenure at Greer High School.

7. Applicant must create and submit a 150 – 500 word essay detailing their contribution to the betterment of Greer High School, as well as their perception of why they deserve this scholarship based on contributions through community service, PTSA involvement and extracurricular activities.

Please type or print clearly

Senior Student Name:___________________________________________________

Student Address:________________________________________________________

Student Phone Number:_______________________

Student Social Security Number (SSN):___________

College/University Attending_____________________________________________

Member of PTSA for ______ years.

Seventh Semester Grade Point Average (GPA): _____________

Greer High Counselor Signature:


Extracurricular Activities: ________________________________________________



Community Service Activities:__________________________________________




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