Idol contestants had a connect with their patriotic selections

Published on Monday, July 1, 2013

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Megan Watts returned to participate in Greer Idol Season 7.

Julie McCombs

Megan Watts returned to participate in Greer Idol Season 7.

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Votes were cast after each competition at City Park on Saturday.

Julie McCombs

Votes were cast after each competition at City Park on Saturday.

Greer Idol’s 13 contestants performed Saturday at Freedom Blast. They were asked to sing a patriot song in honor of the July 4 celebration and Military Salute later in the evening.

See Week 1 video here.

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Judges did not critique the singers since only one hour was allotted for the 26 total Idol and Idol Teen contestants.

Tunes in the Park will be held the next four weeks at the City Park amphitheater. Jim Quick and the Coastline Band will perform this week.

The schedule:

6 p.m. – Greer Idol Teen

7 p.m. – Jim Quick and the Coastline Band

8 p.m. – Greer Idol

9 p.m. – Jim Quick and the Coastline Band

Greer Idol Week 1

Hannah Clayton

Song: “Let Freedom Ring” (“From the movie Independence Day”)

Because: "It’s one of my favorite patriotic songs."

Jamesia Downs

Song: “National Anthem”

Because: "It’s powerful and inspirational"

Judy Fowler

Song: “God Bless The U.S.A.” lyrics by Lee Greenwood

Because: "Of the patriotic theme. I also i sang it at our Memorial Day service at church and i pray that God will bless the USA."

Jonathon Hannon

Song: “Home” (lyrics by Dierks Bentley)

Because: “It was hard to find a good patriotic song.”

Keiffer Mendoza

Song: “If You’re Reading This” (lyrics by Tim McGraw)

Because: “I wanted to deliver a heartfelt message about the American soldiers who have given their lives to serve their country.”

Javy Pagan

Song: “Walking in Memphis” (lyrics by Mark Cohn)

Because: “It’s about soul and gospel feeling in Memphis. It has some of Elvis in it, too.”

Brionah Pride

Song: “American Girl” (lyrics by Carrie Underwood)

Because: “It’s a little bit different, not the same as other patriotic songs.”

“Squeaky Joe” Patrick Quinn

Song: “America The Beautiful”

Because: "It’s a beautiful patriotic song."

Lauren Michelle Robinson Surkamer

Song: “Days of America” (lyrics by Blackhawk)

Because: “The lyrics say ‘The flag still waves and the eagle still flies.’”

Nikita Thompson

Song: “Country Strong” (lyrics by Gwyneth Paltrow)

Because: “It speaks of an emotional attachment I have to the song.”

Megan Watts

Song: Travelin’ Soldier. (Lyrics by Dixie Chicks)

Lauren Waynick

Song: “American Honey” (lyrics by Lady Antebellum)

Because: “Describe the American girls.”

Charles Wolfe

Song: “I Drive Your Truck” (lyrics by Lee Brice).


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