Put a creative twist on your Halloween pumpkins

Published on Saturday, October 19, 2019

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Put a creative twist on your Halloween pumpkins

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A creative twist on Halloween carvings

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 When it comes to Halloween, carving the same pumpkin designs each year can become routine.  But that's not a problem at Pelham Vision Center in Greer. The entire staff there,  doctors, technicians and assistants decided to have some fun this year, so they divided up into groups and their challenge was to come up with a pumpkin fit for the season.

 The pumpkins ranged from a minion, to a beautiful, glittery pumpkin, to a couple: Mr. and  Mrs. I.C. Goode (notice the play on words).

 Optometrist Dr. Kerry Steck said everyone had fun with their creations and deciided others should enjoy them too. So they lined them up on the check-in counter so their patients could see them. The pumpkins were getting so much attention, they decided to hold a contest. Each pumpkin was given a number. As patients came in and commented on the pumpkins, they were told they could then vote for their favorite.

 We have to wait until Halloween to see which pumpkin is the winner, but watching the reaction of patients as they oame in made all the creations winners.

 Ever thought of carving a watermelon for Halloween?

 Now if you really want to be challenged this year, save a pumpkin and carve your spooky masterpiece into a watermelon instead. 

To get started, consider these carving tips and tricks:

  • To make cutting and slicing easier, the watermelon should be at room temperate when carving. 
  • Cut a small, thin, flat piece from the bottom of the watermelon to provide a stable base for carving.
  •  Draw the design on the watermelon rind with a dry-erase marker before cutting. If you make a mistake, this can make it easier to wipe off.
  • Use a sharp knife with a pointed tip for easier, cleaner cuts. Consider a paring knife with a smaller tip for ease of detail.
  •  Blend scraps of watermelon that are too messy for dicing or slicing to create an easy juice.

For more watermelon carving ideas, visit watermelon.org. 




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